In The Kitchen with Tasha and Bethany Tudor

In The Kitchen with Tasha and Bethany Tudor

In The Kitchen with Tasha Tudor

In the Kitchen with Tasha Tudor ……..

Featuring my Soup de jour ~  Cream of Mushroom Soup, one of my favorites!


The Tasha Tudor CookBook. Recipes and Reminiscences from Corgi Cottage.

The Tasha Tudor CookBook. Recipes and Reminiscences from Corgi Cottage. A wonderful book filled with delightful stories that go with each chapter theme  and  delicious recipes. The stories Tasha shares with each chapter and receipts are delightful! 2017 up-date there is a newer version of the cook book available –

When we stop and think about, we all have very fond memories around certain tasty family foods and treats or in some cases the gathering to partake of the meal. Such as the times Dan and I gathered around the table to partake of tastiness and share fond thoughts and memories with Bethany Tudor.

he Tasha Tudor CookBook. Drawing of Tasha's Wood burning oven/stove

The Tasha Tudor CookBook, features a drawing of Tasha’s Wood burning stove ~ Tasha has  such a gift of drawing you right into her kitchen and life, through her illustrations – leaving you with a nice warm feeling!

Have you ever cooked on a wood burning cook stove? I never have, but I used to sit pot and kettles on top of my wood heat stove ~ such as a nice pot of soup to keep warm, I also wrapped bread and muffins to keep warm and of course a pot tea, because I tend to drink tea throughout the day when I’m in colder climates.

Bethany Tudor, has fond memories of cooking on their wood cook stove. She said that is indeed, what they used while growing up in New Hampshire, and that there is  a few tricks to using one successfully, and can be a  lot of work ~ but so worth the end results in flavor and taste!!

The Tasha Tudor CookBook. Potato Onion soup

The Tasha Tudor CookBook. Potato Onion

I agree with Tasha ” I love potatoes, it must be from my Irish ancestry”.

I just love  the aroma that a pot of soup simmering on the stove gives to the home. Some of my favorite soups contain potatoes, such as my Potato cabbage soup, Potato corn chowder and of course potato vegetables! I’ll have to share my recipes with you sometime. In the mean time you can find a lot of nice soups and other receipts in Tasha’s cookbook! A long with the wonderful stories and the most delightful drawings!


The Tasha Tudor CookBook  features Tasha’s  Vegetable Soup!   ~ Oh my, the good old veggie soup ~ so many variations…. I even make what we call a left over veggie soup ~ can you guess what’s in it?

Although I do prefer home-made soups/meals, sometimes we do find it more convenient to eat out. When we have to we try something different / special such as this nostalgic old diner where we had a very enjoyable lunch with Bethany Tudor .

Bethany enjoys a local diner where they serve  traditional type diner meals and this one did just that ~  with the added nostalgia  of local ingredients ( this is not really ‘new thing’, just revising the past, with new flare).

Bethany and Dan enjoyed a hearty diner style plate of turkey, dressing , green beans and mashed potatoes, while I delighted in a salad of locale greens, cherry tomatoes, you know the colorful heirloom type, packed full of flavor and topped off with a local chevre!

I ,of course, had to ask Bethany if she liked vegetable soup and how she made her’s………

Bethany Tudor Cooking with Bethany Tudor Lunch Bethany Tudor Tasha Tudors daughter Bethany tudor dolls

While having lunch with Bethany at a quaint little diner.

Bethany shared with me that she too is fond of vegetable soup, especially on cold Vermont days. She cooks her’s with what ever  fresh and frozen vegetables she has on hand with either fresh or canned tomatoes and at the end of cooking, Bethany enjoys adding what ever left over meats she may have in the refrigerator, such as chicken, or beef, but she said sausage or pulled pork make for a very tasty soup~ indeed!

In The Tasha Tudor cookbook there is a tasty sounding Creamed Spinach Soup. I do live soups both hot and cold. And I really like spinach so I usually add some to most of my soups. I stir in generous cup,chopped, at the end of cooking, just enough to wilt it.  In the summer I make a cold cucumber, dill and spinach soup – just blend it up with one or two tablespoons of tahini (or cream, if you use dairy) and serve!


In Tasha Tudor's Kitchen, The Private world of Tasha Tudor.

In the Kitchen with Tasha and “The Private World of Tasha Tudor” by Tovah Martin and Richard Brown.

Now do you serve your soup by itself or with something, like a grilled Ham and swiss on rye, such as Bethany enjoys , she like her’s with less ham and more swiss ~ I agree but would totally leave out the ham!! Do you serve your soup as a first course as Tasha speaks of doing for Christmas? I tend to eat the soup as the main course with the addition of crackers, toast or sandwich. MMM….  Grilled cheese and tomato soup. What is your favorite soup accompaniment?

Have a delicious day!!

~ Take Joy, Melissa



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