In My Winter Kitchen- Vintage Recipes

Slainte a Thabhairt duit! (health to you)

Welcome to My Winter Kitchen.

Vintage cookbook,recipes

The American Women Cookbook – 1938 is just one of my vintage cookbooks that I enjoy. I seem to look at this one a lot.

Vintage Breakfast foods.

Yum homemade waffles  – Oh my – look at all of that butter!!

Vintage cookbook Photo from my Cookbook American Women Cookbook. Have you ever made english Muffins! I have - it was fun

Photo from my vintage American Women Cookbook.

Have you ever made Crumpets / English Muffins? I have – it was fun and much tastier than ones purchased from the store.

Crumpets / English Muffins You could make extra of these and freeze.

Crumpets / English Muffins ~ You could make extra and freeze them.

Cooking at home!

Here are a few recipes for you to try.

With the cooler weather there has been a lot of cooking going on around here!


My homemade Blueberry Pancakes!

Have fun with your food – use pretty dishes, prepare themed meals, Use good quality cookware and utensils.

Pancakes from a vintage cookbook - The American Women Cookbook


I love preparing food and eating at home. It’s such a nice atmosphere – no banging of dishes, loud voices from people you have never meet, you know who ate from the dishes before you;-) AND you know exactly what is in your food!


I do get a lot of inspiration from my vintage cookbooks – I love looking at the old photos!

There are days though that I just do not have time or desire to cook, so I prepare larger amounts than I need at one meal and refrigerate or freeze enough for another meal. Dan ate these for about three days. I do this with a lot of foods especially – soup / stews, vegetables, casseroles. I keep salads made a head. Then you always have something ready – on hand – then you are not tempted to grab fast foods. Why would you want fast foods when you can have delicious homemade  that is so much tastier and better for you!!

From my kitchen to yours –  I hope you have a wonderful, creative day!


All content and photos on this blog copyright 2012 – 2017 By Melissa O’Connor


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