A Time to Play

A Visit with the grandkids

A Time To Play with the Grand-kids! I love it when the kids and Gran – kids are in town and  stop by for a visit. They really enjoyed playing with my little Tasha Tudor “A Time To Keep” – seasonal display.

""A time to Keep" with Tasha Tudor
A Time to Play!

A Time to Play

Apparently, I have been mistaken – this is not Bridget – it is Little Bo Peep!!

A Time to Play

So here she is ….. Little Bo peep, with her sheep!!

A Time to Play

Someone really enjoyed playing with the sheep, and asked several times if she could take them home.

A Time to Play

It’s fun knowing you have special toys at Gran’s house. It makes the toys and the visits memorable.

A Time to Play
A Time to Play at Gran’s house, we wanted to take the balancing bird home too. Keep in mind we do not live in the same state as Gran, so we do not get to play with Gran or the special toys very often….but Gran being Gran…… has some little thing to put in a bag for us to take home, some little cars, coloring posters of Tinker Bell, crayons, makers, pencils and paper.

A Time to Play

L – has a lot of fun with the balancing bird and the many other birds she discovered around Gran’s home.

No Pictures

No Pictures – I wonder where she gets that from?

A Time to Garden....or play in pot of dirt on the patio, AKA balcony.

A Time to Garden….or play in pot of dirt on the patio, AKA balcony.

A Time to Garden

…..who cares what you call it as long as there is a pot of dirt and a garden spade ….you are bound to have fun!!

Grand - kids are the greatest..... they truly know how to "TAKE JOY" in every moment!!

Grand – kids are the greatest….. they truly know how to “TAKE JOY” in every moment!!

A time to patio garden

OH, there are birds out here too!!

...and a bird cage with magnetic birds...what great fun!!

…and a bird-cage with magnetic birds…what great fun!!

If you would like to see more of the toys I make (like the chocolate felt bunny in the top picture), that are inspired by my Grand – Kids, stop by my etsy shop – Natural toy land  section:


If you would like to know more about Tasha Tudor, stop by her family’s web site:


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