The Weight of the World

When the world is weighing heavy upon you ……

And the mean words are piling up…..

I walk on the beach –  taking in the beauty…letting go ……

flaoting away

Let them float away in the sky….

Sea gull

Fly away with the sea gulls!


– breathing deep of the refreshing salt air.

Relaxing at the beach

Let the words float away in the air

When the hurtful actions… hit hard on your feelings / self-esteem ……

Wind boarding

Just feel them …… watch them Sail away…….

Focus on the beauty that surrounds you and do not believe the mean hurtful words and actions that others try to heave upon you.

Jelly Fish

—— even  Jellyfish have a uniquely strange beauty about them…. as we all do!

Jelly Fish

——–pretty shades of blue… watch out though , do not get distracted – they will sting you and then simple just float away….hmm

Sea Shore

Just let it roll away in the waves!!

Sea Shore

Find joy in the moment!
Do not let anyone ones tread marks –  sink to deep!!


~ Remember you and I are good and beautiful people! We are not required to  allow ourselves to be ~ used ~ or to be anyone’s verbal punching bag or emotional dumping ground!

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