The Sea Shell


I do love seashells…..can one have to many seashells??

Pink seashell

~~ Shells come in many lovely colors ~ to match your home decor needs/wants..

"Tis this dainty shell,

“Tis this dainty shell,

'tis a fragil shell

’tis a fragil shell

At my feet that the wild waves threw....

At my feet that the wild waves threw….

~ The Seashell ~ Arthur Weir

Pretty shells on the shore

Pretty shells on the shore.

Sea shores

I collect shells from all of the shores we visit…. each shore has its own specialties~ in many ways…. not just shells….some have more drift wood ~ others pebbles ~ some sea glass!!


Beautiful seashell fragments.

Shell crafts

Yes, I do create with my shell treasures and you can find some of my creations in my etsy shop.


Oh, what beautiful shells may be rolling to shore in the waves….. We’ll have to go see!!

***Copyright** All content, photo’s  and videos through out this blog and Facebook are under copyright to Melissa O’Connor of/ and Elegantlyhandmade.


2 thoughts on “The Sea Shell

  1. You are such a talented photographer Melissa! I don’t think you can ever have too many seashells! They come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors. I love your purple cloth and shell set! So pretty!

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