A Birthday Celebration!

Lets start our celebration with ~ The  Corgyn I know!

Corgi's Best Friend, Tasha Tudor's Birthday August in Vermont

A Corgi and his best Friend ~ Hey Daria it looks cold out there. I would like for you to meet my granddaughter Daria, She has a best friend named Jake Bones, Daria wanted to name him Doggie Bones but compromised with Mommy ~ Jake Bones.

Corgi dress up time, Tasha Tudor Birhtday, August in Vermont

Dress up time for Jake!!
They have so much fun together. Where ever Daria is Jake is not far behind!

Corgi friend, Tasha Tudor Birthtday August in Vermont

Jake the protector. He looks like he’s standing guard ~ on the look out!


One Tired out Corgi!

Corgi's at play,

One Tired out Little Girl!

Now I would like for you to meet Wolfie.

Now I would like for you to meet Wolfie.

Corgi Host, Tasha Tudor's Birthday Celebration on line

Wolfie was such an attentive host. He welcomed us right into their home (he shares his house with Lauree).

Corgi games, Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration

Wolfie kept us entertained while his mommy was at work, by playing “hide the sock” ~ my sock that is. I would take my socks off by the front door as I headed outside, when I would come back in one sock was always missing…. Wolfie then would start the “your getting warmer” part of the game and just as you got close…. sock is in sight, he would come darting by, grab the sock and take off!!

Corgi Host cottage, Tasha Tudor's Birthday Celebration

Thank you Wolfie for such a relaxing time at your Cozy Corgi Cottage!

Tasha has created many beautiful, cute, whimsical watercolors of  corigs.

I am so happy to be able to spent my birth month in Vermont, celebrating with Tasha,.Stop by my blog over the next few day as I share my visit with you ~ I had my second visit to the Museum to see Unending delights, Tasha’s World of Dolls and you just never know who you might see there 🙂

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copyright@ 2012 – 1016 By Melissa O’Connor


3 thoughts on “A Birthday Celebration!

  1. I love Tasha Tudor. I just got an email from a Corgi website the other day talking about her. After telling my mom about it, she said I had books when I was a child that were illustrated by her. (I’m 47 yrs old.) After that conversation, I went to my bookshelf to look at the last remaining childhood book I own, and lo and behold!, it is illustrated by Tasha Tudor! It has always been my favorite. It even has Corgis in it, and I own a Corgi (well, he owns me). I have had Cody for 4 yrs now and he is the light of my life. What a coincidence that my favorite book my favorite dog have a connection to the wonderful Tasha Tudor!

    • Hi April, Thank you for stopping by. I too, love corgis. I do not own one but one of my daughters and granddaughters has own one (Jake Bones) and a niece who owns Wolfie (or as you best put it – the corgis own them).I have blogged about both Jake and wolfie. I became acquainted with Tasha Tudor through her life style of Heirloom crafts, gardening and art work – later her children’s book. You will find many blog post about Tasha here, so I hope you will stop by again. Do you knit, draw or garden??

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