Autumnal Gathering

Autumnal Home Decor, Fall Toys, Handmade fall home decor

Are you ready for fall?
Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love bringing that autumnal feel inside, especially when it’s still hot ~ and not feeling very autumnal, outside!!

Autumnal Home Decor, Fall Toys, Handmade fall home decor Felt toys, Hand crafted fall home decor

Here are some cute toys I hand-craft for children. A great way to teach / bring understanding of the different seasons and holidays of the year. They are also great to use for home decor!                                                                                                       I

Autumnal Home Decor, Fall Toys, Handmade fall home decor Felt toys, Hand crafted fall home decor Fall autumnal cottage home made decorations

To give my home that autumnal feel, I change the color of my dish towels and cloths. I use my fall themed dishes, such as the pumpkin dish pictured above with the grapes in it ~ so lovely to look at!!

Autumnal Home Decor,Fall Decor elegantlyhandmade.etsy,com Fall Toys, Handmade fall home decor Felt toys, Hand crafted fall home decor Your autumn home decor

I usually prop just one candy corn men against my fall center piece, I have one sitting in among my tea pots and cups on my china hutch ~ during the autumnal months of September, October and November!

I also  (up-cycle) a lot of my home decor, such as the centerpiece vase pictured above. It is a can wrapped with heather-ed moss-green wool blend felt. Just cut the felt the length of the can and over lap the circumference and glue. I then use bits and pieces of leaves that fall off of my leave garlands. I  insert a small piece of floral foam into the can and stick in the scarecrow pic (purchased at Michael’s) and leaves. I then place the can on a dish and fill the bottom around the can with bits of pine cones, rocks etc…. found on my little walks in nature.                                                   I’m in Maine right now and have been partaking of another type of gathering while in Bar  Harbor, such as fall fabric from the many wonderful fabric stores. I have stumbled across a few books at a  library book sell!!  You know it is an obligation to purchase books from a library to help the libraries !!

Many of the autumnal decor and toys ~ pictured  above, are available in my etsy shop here:                                                                    


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2 thoughts on “Autumnal Gathering

  1. Greetings Elegantly Handmede,
    I love your felt Candy Corn dolls, and the pumpkin hot pads!!! We are having 7 of out 11 children home for Thanksgiving, which means 14 grand children. I hope to have time to make a few of these lovely seasonal delights before they arrive.
    thank you for sharing…

    • Thank you Susan. They would both make a lovely autumnal touch to your family gathering. I do have a candy corn Man with cloth arms and one pumpkin mat / potholder completed and ready to ship – in my etsy shop!! I really should consider offering more patterns for those who like to make their own. One of my daughter’s as suggested that many times!
      I sometimes wonder if the whole family will ever be all together at one time again. I hope you have a wonderful Autumnal Thanksgiving Gathering!

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