Cadillac MT ~ Maine

Cadillac Mt Maine, summer Vacation 2013

A View from the top!

Cadillac Mt Maine

I love walking all the way out on the rocks. The views are stunning.

Acadia National Park, Cadillac Mt, Maine summer 2013

Cadillac Mt is part the Acadia National Park.

On Top of the Mountain

Bar Harbor Maine, Cadillac Mt

A view of Bar Harbor Maine.

A view of a cruise ship in the Harbor of Bar Harbor. You can see more at my F.B.Page

Dan and I!!

Dan and I (Melissa)!! Beautiful view behind us. The girl over Dan’s shoulder was doing some great/fun photo stunts for her dad.

Lunch Cadillac Mt Maine

There are not any cafe’s up there, so a lot of people bring their Lunch and enjoy it out on the rocks. Did I say a lot of people ~ there are a lot of people of up there!!

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