A Shawl ~ From Vermont

Tasha Tudor Museum, Tasha Tudor Tuesday, Tasha Tudor, Tasha Tudor Hand knit Shawl, Vermont tourism, Vermont sheep farms, wool

Tasha Tudor Museum ~ 2013 Unending Delight

Tasha Tudor Museum, Tasha Tudor Tuesday, Tasha Tudor, Tasha Tudor Hand knit Shawl, Vermont tourism, Vermont sheep farms, wool

2013 Exhibit at the Tasha Tudor Museum

while in Vermont this summer / fall we went to one of our regular stops, actually two ~ first was the Tasha Tudor Museum in Brattleboro and the second ~  A lovely sheep farm where I spied some beautiful light grey yarn, that was available this year.  I just knew I had to have some to knit My Cottage Elegance “Kindred Spirit Wool Shawl”  in the exact shade of Tasha’s shawl!!!

And what a perfect knitting project while traveling ~ so easy I can knit while riding (not driving) a long taking in the beautiful autumnal scenery of Vermont.

Sheep in field Vermont New England Travels North East Kingdom of Vermont Rugged sturdy functional fall autumnal knitting patterns USA handmade s=hand knit shawls

Vermont – very loved, well cared for sheep. In my PDF pattern, I share with you were you can purchase your yarn from a USA, Vermont spinnery.

Have you been working on a knitting project ? I have been working on another Tasha  Style Shawl!  I love this style of shawl and have a better understanding of why Tasha appeared to be wearing one so often. The mornings and evening in Vermont have a breath of chilliness  (even in summer and fall) and this style of  shawl , hand knit of wool or cotton, is just the right amount of warmth needed. What I really love about this shawl is its sturdy, functional elegance!!


Tasha Tudor Museum, Tasha Tudor Tuesday, Tasha Tudor, Tasha Tudor Hand knit Shawl, Vermont tourism, Vermont sheep farms, wool

Tasha wearing her shawl while knitting, from the cover of the “T.T. Museum newsletter”.



The cool crisp autumnal air and colors in Vermont just invite you to knit….

Fall in Vermont, Autumnal color of Vermont

I love the deep fall color of burnt orange, which inspired me to knit my burnt orange cowl ~ available in my etsy shop!


….while in Vermont one must knit a Tasha Style shawl!!  So grab your knitting needles, a cup of tea and join me in a video tour ~ I made of my visit to the T.T. Museum



My Pattern Tasha Style ” Cottage Elegance Cotton Shawl” and “Kindred Spirit Wool Shawl” is now available for purchase in my etsy shop:

In my pattern I share with you the story of my shawl with instruction for knitting your very Tasha Style grey  wool “Kindred Spirit Shawl” with the added bonus of the instructions for knitting my  “Cottage Elegance Cotton shawl”- as previously featured on my blog. With in my story pattern I share with you, what yarn I  use and  the best size needles to use. Plus more.




Tasha Tudor Tuesday, Tasha Tudor, Tasha Tudor shawl, Tasha Tudor Museum

If you would like to knit a shawl just like our Kindred Spirit, Tasha wore? You can find out where to purchase the pattern – above.

Tasha Tudor dolls Tasha Tudors doll house doll collecting Cottage elegance cottage dolls doll accessories hand knit tasha tudor style wool doll shawl

My doll family continues to grow as long-lost relatives reunite 🙂 They girls have all been quite busy knitting doll shawls to put in our etsy boutique / shop.

We have a limited number of shawls available in our shop here:

Large China Doll Shawl:


Small china doll SHAWL:




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5 thoughts on “A Shawl ~ From Vermont

  1. actually, I have been working on the very same project! But in red 🙂 also working on a baby blanket for my little one coming in January. I was just able to visit the museum myself at the beginning of the month! Such a treat! You’ve got beautiful photos here!~

  2. Hi Heather, Thanks for stopping by! Are you knitting your red shawl in the triangle shape or the red rectangle shawl with the pretty lace border that I see Tasha wearing wrapped around her neck several times ~ this would make a great nursing shawl! I love going by the museum on my summer travels, it is so nice to see elements of Tasha’s life and being able to talk with Kindred spirits ~ everyone at the museum is so friendly! Thank you on the photo’s ~ I have two camera I use because I do not always like to carry the bigger one , but it does take nicer pic and I’m still learning all of it’s features. So much to learn here in blog land!

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