The Poet’s Darling:

To the daisy william wordsworth  flower daisy head wreath Tasha Tudor Daisy Anne of Green gables Poetry summer flowers

To The Daisy!!
~ William Wordsworth

The calming sound of the water as it gentle flows over the rocks in a stream. Please stop by and follow my blog, where can find more post on nature. to the daisy poetry williams wordworth tasha tudor anne of green gables flower head hat wreath garland

To the Daisy william wordsworth daisy photo poetry nature Tasha Tudor Anne of Green Gables flower heat hat wreath garland

We meet thee, like a pleasant thought, When such are wanted.
~ William Wordsworth ~ To The Daisy


To the Daisy william  Wordsworth  poetry flower photos daisy head hat wreath flower gardland elgantluhandmadewoedpress Tasha Tudor nature crafts Anne of Green gables

Bright flowers, whose home is everywhere Bold in maternal nature’s care And all the long year through the heir Of joy and sorrow, Methinks that there abides in thee Some concord with humanity, Given to no other flower I see The forest through. ~ William Wordsworth, To The Daisy.

Daisy Wreath in Garden TT


To the daisy William Wordsworth flower poetry photos flower head wreath garlandsies  Tasha Tudor fields of daisies

WITH little here to do or see
Of things that in the great world be,
Sweet Daisy! oft I talk to thee, For thou art worthy,………
~William Wordsworth , To The Daisy

Daisy poets darling poetry wordsworth Tasha tudor garden

Tasha in a field of Daisy’s.
~ Richard Brown


Daisy Gazing William Wordsworth to the daisy poetry photos

And many a fond and idle name
I give to thee, for praise or blame,
As is the humour of the game, While I am gazing.~William Wordsworth, To The Dasiy

Tasha Garden  Daisy Wordsworth poets darling poetry daisy wreath


TO The Daisy William Wordsworth Poetry flowers photos Tasha Tudor dasiy Head wreath Hat Garland

Yet like a star, with glittering crest,
Self-poised in air thou seem’st to rest…….
~ William Wordsworth, To The Daisy



One thought on “The Poet’s Darling:

  1. Fabulous! Mine are just starting to open today. Wordsworth’s words and your stunning photos will come to mind each day, now, as I watch them blossom, and I will say “To the Daisy”. Lovely post.

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