Forever Christmas ~ in July….

Christmas in July Hand made Christmas Hand knit dish cloths Sinterklaas, St Nickolas, Christmas, Advent with Tasha Tudor

Merry Christmas – in July. Have you started your working on your handmade Christmas gifts?

The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

What better way to give a portion of thyself than in a well thought out meaningful and useful gift. And now is the perfect time to start making a list of the love ones and friends you would like to delight with a lovely handmade gift.

Hand made Christmas, knitting with Tasha Tudor, Forever Christmas Gifts, Old fashioned Christmas Gifts,

Like Tasha , I also work on my gift’s throughout the year! so I’m not quite so rushed as Christmas approaches.

Then we are not quite so rushed as Christmas approaches.

Old fashioned Christmas Gifts making with Tasha Tudor, Forever Christmas, Advent, St Nickolas

A little added touch to round out the theme of a gift is to include something purchased. Maybe a bar of soap, some hand lotion or for the kitchen maybe a wooden utensil.

I do however like to add some finishing touches,  when I’m making the finial decision of who ~ gets ~ what, it adds to the festive Christmas feel. Here is a picture of some of the types of cloths I hand knit  with the addition of some purchased, specialty bars of soap.  You could always make your own soap, have you ever made soap? I have not ~ yet!!

The many color and designs of my Hand knit face and dish cloths. There are many cotton yarns available out there some are very good and hold up well, and there are some "I do not love"

The many color and designs of my Hand knit  cloths.

There are many cotton yarns available out there, some are very good and hold up well. It is nice to keep some hand-knit cloths on hand for when you need an unexpected gift ~ such as guest bath set, they also make really nice gift set when paired with a wooden spoon, spatulas, candles or lovely decorative soaps.

Hand knitted cloths tutorials

My lovely clothes have many more uses than just face and dish cloths. 

Hand – knit cloths also make good candle mats, coaster, napkins, pot holders and hot pads. All you need to do to change the size of your cloth and it’s thickness by simply changing the size of your needles and the number of stitches you cast on.

 Tutorial for Basic hand knit dish cloth, pot holder, candle mat, napkin

Here is a rather basic  but pretty cloth.

You can also get differing effects depending on the color of yarn you use especially with the variegated yarns, like the ones pictured above.

Etsy shop Tasha Tudor Shawl Birthday Tuesday celebration tea time knitting tutorial

Tasha Tudor style Cottage Shawls, such as my “Kindred Spirit” Vermont wool and Mohair and “Cottage Elegance”  cotton shawls also make lovely gifts !!

I do believe the best gifts are handmade gifts and a gift  that a person will actually use. I have gifted my hand-knit cloths and shawls to many throughout the years and to see them in use in their homes for many years to come!!

***You can now PURCHASE My  PATTERN  to knit your very own –  Tasha Tudor style “Kindred Spirit” and “Cottage Elegance Cotton” Shawls Here:

Tasha Tudor shawl sale Mothers day hand made gift sale fall hand knitting PDF pattern Autumn of my soul autumn knitting

PDF Pattern – To knit your own shawl in Two styles, Cottage scarf and hand-warmers Plus many tips – Doll shawl etc

You can custom order a shawl – Hand-knit for your, Here:

Tasha Tudor style shawl cottage elegance knitting pattern Autumn of my soul hand knitting fall autumn knitting Handmade in USA  Christmas gifts

Tasha Tudor style ” Cottage Elegance Shawl.” hand – knit of Vermont wool and Mohair

 A hand knit Cotton C”Cottage Elegance” Shawl, Here:

Tasha Tudor style cottage elegance kindred spirit cotton shawl hand knit wool shawl PDF pattern Forever Christmas Red Wool Cottage scarf and hand warmers

Here you see a little bit longer version of my “Cottage Elegance Cotton Shawl”

All Content of this blog under copyright to 2013 – 2016 By Melissa O’Connor


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