Tea with Anne ~ at “The White Sands Hotel”

Sunday tea with Anne of Green gables white Sands hotel dalvay by the sea Anne of green Gables Quotes Lucy Maud Montgomery quotes Seashore of PEI 150 year celebration poetry the highwayman alfred noyes

Welcome back to our Sunday ” Tea with Anne”. During today’s tea let’s take a visit to the real “White Sands Hotel” ~ Dalvay By The Sea! But first to help get us in the “kindred Spirit” mood let us watch and listen to ~ Anne reciting “The Highwayman” at “The White Sands Hotel” as in the Anne of Green Gables movie by Sullivan entertainment.

Here is the sections Anne recited:

      The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees.
      The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas.
      The road was a ribbon of moonlight over the purple moor,
      And the highwayman came riding–
      The highwayman came riding, up to the old inn-door.

“One kiss, my bonny sweetheart, I’m after a prize tonight,
But I shall [return] with the yellow gold before the morning light;
Yet, if they press me sharply, and harry me through the day,
Then look for me by moonlight,
Watch for me by moonlight,
I’ll come to thee by moonlight, though hell should bar the way.”

Back, he spurred like a madman, shouting a curse to the sky,
With the white road smoking behind him and his rapier brandished high.
Blood-red were his spurs in the golden noon; wine-red was his velvet coat;
When they shot him down on the highway.
Down like a dog on the highway,
And he lay in his blood on the highway, with the bunch of lace at his throat.Anne of Green Gables White Sands Hotel The highwayman poem Dalvay by the sea Touring Prince Edwar Island 150 year celebrationP1070425

Herb Tea with Tasha Tudor on the Porch Prince Edward Island Dalvay by the Sea white sand hotel Anne of Green Gables quote Tea time with Anne Lucy Maud Montgomery quotes Prince Edward Island 150 year celebration

Looks like a nice cozy spot for a cup of Tea. 

As Tasha Tudor would say  “If you took some chamomile tea and spent more time rocking on the porch in the evening, listening to the liquid song of the hermit thrush. you might enjoy life more. Joy is there for the taking.”

Anne of Green Gables Avonlea White Sand Hotel Dalvay by the Sea Anne of Green Gables quote seashore of Prince Edward Island 150 Year celebration Tea Time with Anne Poetry Longfellow The wreak of the Hesperus

Amelia Evans Recitation at the White Sand concert: The Wreak of the Hesperus ~
Ho! ho! the breakers roared
At daybreak, on the bleak sea-beach,
A fisherman stood aghast,
To see the form of a maiden fair,
Lashed close to a drifting mast.
The salt sea was frozen on her breast,
The salt tears in her eyes;
And he saw her hair, like the brown sea-weed
On the billows fall and rise.
Such was the wreck of the Hesperus,
In the midnight and the snow!
[God] save us all from a death like this,
On the reef of Norman’s Woe!
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Lines 76-78

Anne of Green Gables Avonlea White Sand Hotel Dalvay by the Sea Anne of Green Gables quote seashore of Prince Edward Island 150 Year celebration Tea Time with AnneP1070396P1070397Light House on the shores of PEI Light Houses of PEI Seashore of Prince Edward Island visitng touring PEI Anne of Green gables Avonlea

Anne of Avonle Anne of Green gables quote Tea Time with Anne seashore red cliffs of Prince Edward Island 150 Year celebration

Can you see Anne up there on the top of the red cliff …….working on her novel….

Where is sleep?” “Over the mountains of the moon. Down the valley of the shadow. Beneath the waves of the deep gulf stream,” replied the handsome duke in dark languid tones… In dark languid tones…… In dark foreboding, foreboding tones.
He fervently stroked her alabaster brow. She fell under his cloak of darkness.

Wild life of Prince Edward Island 150 year celebration Jack Rabbit pf PEI

….just someone hopping by!


Delvay by the Sea Prince Edward Island photo gallery Anne Of Green Gables Lucy Maud Montgomery quotes visiting Tea Time with Anne Tuesdays Prince edward island 150 year celebration White Sands P.E.I Poetry The Highway man

The name of the hotel used to portray Avonlea’s famed White Sands Hotel is actually Dalvay By-The-Sea and it lies approximately 25 minutes North East of Charlottetown, P.E.I. Dalvay’s first appearance as The White Sands came in Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel when the wind sends the pages of Anne Shirley’s novel blowing across the sand. As the sheets of paper flutter into the air, a beautiful seaside hotel can be seen in the distance. From that moment on The White Sands Hotel and Dalvay by the Sea became one and the same.
After Anne: The sequel, Dalvay by the Sea once again became The White Sands Hotel on Sullivan’s Road to Avonlea. Over the course of seven seasons, The White Sands appeared in so many episodes it became almost a character unto itself. Countless memorable scenes including both the regular cast and guest stars alike took place in the White Sands Dining Room, Kitchen, corridors and rooms.

Prince Edward ward Island History

Prince Edward Island White Sands Hotel Dalvay by the Sea Visiting touring PEI Anne of Green Gables Tea Time The highway man poem Anne of Green Galves quotes Lucy Maud Montgomery quotes Prince edward Island 150 year celebration

The Historically Speaking……

The house was originally built in 1895 by Alexander MacDonald, who was a successful businessman and former president of Standard Oil Company with John D. Rockefeller. Having left his native home of Scotland to seek his fortune, MacDonald traveled a great deal for business before eventually marrying his wife Laura Palmer in 1862. After losing their first born and only son, the pair decided to take a long extended vacation and decided to visit Prince Edward Island. They brought their young daughter Laura with them.
MacDonald became enraptured by the Island, and quickly decided to purchase 120 acres of land on the north shore. Building began in 1895 and was complete four years later. He decided to name the property “Dalvay By-The-Sea” after his boyhood home in Scotland. The family spent summers in their childhood home, spending upwards of $10,000 a year on operation fees (butlers, servant, housemaids, cooks, caretakers,etc.).
During his last visit in 1909, Alexander was not well. When he had to leave at the end of summer and return for business to America, he requested that the horses stop for a moment. He stood alone for a while quietly gazing at his beloved house. He said quietly, “Good-bye Dalvay.” Several months later, he died in 1910 in Long Beach, California and never was able to return. The family turned over the rights of the property to PEI Parks Canada in the 1950s, and since it has become a historic property operated now under DP Murphy Hotels & Resorts.

Delvay by the Sea Prince edward Island History 150 year celebration Anne of Green gables

The MacDonald Family

The MacDonald Family

I do hope you have enjoyed our visit to ” The White Sands Hotel” as much as I have. Thank you for joining me and please do stop by for our next Tea with Anne on Prince Edward Island. Have a wonderful day or evening!!

5 thoughts on “Tea with Anne ~ at “The White Sands Hotel”

    • I’m am happy to have you joining me for tea with Anne. I did so enjoy my trip to P.E.I. and I love revisiting and sharing with others through my post…..and there are many more to come!

  1. I made my 5th grade students memorize and perform this poem. Other teachers said modern kids could never do it but they did! The other kids and teachers at the assembly were stunned!

      • The entire thing. The audience kept waiting for it to end because they couldn’t believe the kids could keep up, but soon they were all excited to hear the tragic fate of the highwayman.

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