Irish Cottage Style Knitting with Tasha Tudor

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Oh my, this looks like a perfectly elegant, cozy  Irish cottage setting! Please do have a seat and make yourself comfortable.

Photograph by Richard Brown.

Photograph by Richard Brown.

I do wish I could have sat by the hearth, on cool winter evening knitting with Tasha ~ watching her style …how she held her needles…how fast she knit …. just how many projects she has on the needles at one time…listening as she shared her wisdom and knitting experience. I did get to talk to someone very special about Tasha’s shawl and many other insights into Tasha’s life.

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O’Connor Irish Cottage Style Knitting  I : Now that you are comfortable let me show you how I how I hold my yarn….

First  ~ We will  bring the yarn across your small/ pinkie finger ~ just once ( sorry that looks like twice I do not know where that top yarn came from), the yarn really does not stay there after you get your yarn placed, and start knitting.
Second ~ you then bring the yarn to the top between your ring finger and middle finger. and back down between your small/pinkie finger
Third picture ~ bring the yarn to the back and across the back your ring and middle finger and up to he top, between your middle finger and index/pointer finger.
I have included a video from my Vimeo account (at the bottom of the post), ~ A new up-dated video coming soon! I hope will help ~ I am working on my production skills, so please excuse some of the focusing and back ground noises. If you have any question please leave a comment.

Irish cottage style knitting Knitting instructions tutorial pictures Irish cottage style shawl

O’Connor’s Irish Cottage Style Knitting II :

Next, we bring the yarn across your ring finger and down (to the back of your hand) between your ring finger and your pink / small finger

Irish cottage style knitting Cottage Elegance tutorial instructions Irish Cottage style shawl pattern hand Knit shawl Tasha Tudor fashions life style Attire Hand made from scratch life Knitting methods tutorial cottage eleganc Kindred spirit shawl knitting

Third  ~ bring the yarn to the back (this is the yarn at the top in the picture) and across the back your ring and middle finger and up to he top, between your middle finger and index/pointer finger. When your knit the index finger of course does a lot of the work and your thumb keeps your knitted fabric moving along. Since your yarn is coming between the index finger and the middle this will naturally be where your tension is controlled – naturally, you should not have to squeeze your fingers together,  you will achieve a natural  occurring tension as you become more comfortable with this style of knitting.
I have included a video from my Vimeo account  ~ A new up-dated video coming soon!


If you have any question please leave a comment. Follow my blog so you get notification of new post with about Tasha adventures~ seeking Kindred Spirits! I will be looking even closer at Tasha’s shawls  and have some insights from a very special friend. I will up-date you on the progress of my shawl pattern.

Knitting Tasha Tudor.

I do wonder what Tasha is knitting ~ in this nice cozy looking picture???  Maybe another grey shawl? The grey shawl appears to be her everyday work shawl ~ so we would certainly need several on hand. I always have a “Kindred Spirit” or “Cottage Elegance” shawl on the needles. I find this type of knitting to be a calming knit.

Tasha Tudor Christmas Red Hand Knit cottage shawl Tasha Tudor Tuesday Birthday hand knit shawls tutorial instructions patterns

Here is the current Tasha Tudor style cottage shawl that I am working on. I do seem to always have one in progress because of the many kindred spirits who request for me to custom knit a shawl, just for them!

It is a bit hard to keep up with knitting for my gran-babies, daughters and my shop. So by popular request I have decided to offer my PATTERN FOR SALE, so that my friends can knit  a “Kindred Spirit” “Cottage Elegance” Tasha Tudor style shawl of their own.

My shawl pattern will include my  “Kindred Spirit” Tasha Tudor style grey wool shawl, with added bonus of  my  “Cottage Elegance Cotton Shawl” – as previously featured on my blog. Along with a few extras.

My PDF / DIGITAL PATTERN  is – indeed ready for purchase and available for purchase in my etsy shop:

You can custom order a shawl in my AFTCRA shop

Quite often I have shawl off the needles and ready to ship






*Would you like to take a closer look at Tasha Tudor’s Shawls?

*Please join me on my visit to the Tasha Tudor museum, Unending Delight, Tasha’s World of Dolls here:

*Join me on my delightful visit to the Museum’s exhibit: Afternoon Tea with Tasha Here:

All content and photographs are copyright to Melissa O’Connor


7 thoughts on “Irish Cottage Style Knitting with Tasha Tudor

  1. I am a new knitter, but am in love with Tasha Tudor shawl and would love instructions. I do not twitter or face book. I also would like a pattern where her shawl has a knitted edge, as well as the unedged pattern.. It is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you, Carolyn

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