Happy 99th Birthday Tasha Tudor ~ Memories

I find many moments in my days where I think of Tasha Tudor and how much we have in common ~ as many of us kindred spirits do!

I first became acquainted with Tasha Tudor in the early 1990’s,  through two of my favorite magazine ( the kindred spirit connection begins), Victoria magazine and herb companion magazine. Just after this introduction, my daughter read, in the locale newspaper, that Tasha was going to be giving a presentation at the Opryland hotel in Nashville Tn, at he heart of the country antique show – now anyone who knows Tasha knows  her love of antiques and that she attended this show regular. So tickets were purchased and a short one hours drive to Nashville and my interest in Tasha was firmly grounded . The presentation was wonderful, Tasha was a delight to listen to and to watch draw. She spoke so eloquently and I love her tact and creative way she answered questions ( some I never would have the nerve to ask). She did indeed, lift up her skirt and show us her petticoat!! She drew several pencil drawing while speaking – a gander, owl etc that was auctioned at the end of the presentation. My daughter and I hurried off to the gift room to make our purchases before the long, one hour drive home. 😉 We were not the only ones who hurried in to the gift ~ Tasha and Seth came shortly after us to her set up for signing books. We did get to accidental ~ ease drop on some business that she and Seth ( I now know who he was – I did not at the time) were discussing before they realized we were there!

I thought today I would share some from my past blog post for your Tasha Tudor birthday celebration enjoyment.

I have been able to experience the joy of three visit to the Tasha Tudor Museum. I created a blog post and photo’s of the first two. I was given permission by Amy and Natalie to take and post the picture. (Please do not remove from my site with out my permission.)

Tasha Tudor day Tasha Tudor Birthday Museum exhibit afternoon Tea Unending Delight Tasha Tudor life style living Dolls from scratch hand made life

Afternoon Tea with Tasha at the T.T. Museum. You can find this post here:
https://elegantlyhandmade.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/afternoon-tea-with-tasha-tudor-at-the-museum/  As you sip your Tasha Tudor Tea you can enjoy a slide joy I made of the above visit with even more pictures here:


The next and very delightful visit I had at the museum was the exhibit ~  Unending Delight Tasha’s world of Dolls!! You can view my post here:

Tasha Tudor Day Birtheday celebration museum exhibit Unending Delight tashas world of dolls afternoon Tea with Tasha Tasah Cottage Style shawl

Daisy Brownthrush ~ a doll Tasha made for her Granddaughter, Jen Tudor Wyman.


 Tasha Tudor Day Tueadsay Museum exhibts Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration, Tasha Tudor Museum

Unending Delight: Tasha’s world of Dolls.

I did get to visit the museum this year while traveling and hope to share that visit with you soon!!

Tasha Tudor shawl tutorial birthday Tasha Tudor day Tuesday cottage shawl Irish style knitting

Now wouldn’t it be just wonderful to have your very own Tasha Tudor style Cottage shawl?? Would you like to learn how to knit a “Kindred Spirit” shawl for yourself??


Etsy shop Tasha Tudor Shawl Birthday Tuesday celebration tea time knitting tutorial

You can order a shawl hand-knit especially for you in my etsy shop here.https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElegantlyHandmade?ref=hdr_shop_menu

If you would enjoy learning how to knit a  Tasha Tudor Style Cottage Elegance shawl for yourself, you can find my pattern in my etsy shop.

~ Here you will find the listing for my PDF pattern, to knit your won Tasha Tudor style shawl:    https://www.etsy.com/listing/236659762/pdf-cottage-elegance-kindred-spirit?ref=listing-shop-header-1





~ My hand-knit  Tasha Tudor style COTTAGE ELEGANCE COTTON shawl, available here:



I hope you have a joyful, peaceful day, filled with lovely Tasha  memories!

Take Joy ~ Melissa

All Content of this blog under copyright 2014 – 2017 By Melissa O’Connor








5 thoughts on “Happy 99th Birthday Tasha Tudor ~ Memories

  1. What a festive post and way to celebrate Tasha Tudor’s birthday. I would love to visit the museum one day soon, but, enjoyed seeing it through your eyes, Melissa.

    I think I may have mentioned having the pleasure of meeting Tasha Tudor and hearing talk some years back. It was a thrill!

    • I do not recall, that you had meet and seen her speak. Did you blog about it? I will always remember the most amazing personally questions people asked and the wonderful way she answered them ~ with such tack and grace she then elegantly, quickly moved on to a new topic.

      • I’ve mentioned meeting her, but, no, have not done a blog dedicated to it. Perhaps I will sometime soon. I was amazed at her grace in answering such questions, and at the people who were so bold about wanting personal photos. She did answer my question, however, which was about what, other than turkey, one could roast in a tin kitchen. I have one and have used it. I literally tripped on one at an antique fair, after looking for one for about 4 years. Sadly, we don’t have a fireplace to use it here. Now, I’ve gone on and on in answer to your question. Enjoy this weekend. 🙂

      • I enjoy chatting with you! So now I am curious, can you roast other things in the tin kitchen? I have seen on blogs, where they use the tin kitchen with an outside camp/ yard fire. I don’t know if you can do that in your neighborhood. Here is a site I’ve been enjoying for a long time and she uses her tin kitchen outside. http://corgyncombecourant.blogspot.com/
        I hope you have a nice weekend too.

      • Thank you, again, for this great link.
        Along with turkey, and other poultry, Tasha suggested lamb. I never got a chance to make, but, with this newfound possibility of using it outdoors, I may try a leg of lamb. We can have fire pits here, and can actually even burn things, so, my mind is spinning faster than a tin kitchen spit.

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