Summer is Waning ……..

Summer waning by Tasha Tudor Summer Vegetable Soup Fall Veg Soup Kitchen Poetry Tasha Tudor Fall Farmers Markets

I do see signs, that summer is indeed waning …………It has been a very beautiful season, although summer truly is not my favorite season…. the bugs, the humidity, the vacationing crowds… it still has it beauty and joys…. and here is a bit of  how my lovely summer went.

maine Sailing Seashore vacations

Taking in the scenic beauty of the sailboats, lobster boats and yachts off shore


Summer Vacation in Maine Visitng Newengland State Summer by the Sea Coastal summers

The lovely days of summer……


Summer Daisies Daisy Garlands potpourri Summer by the Seashore of Maine

Picking Summer Daisies…making garlands, drying petals for potpourri..

The many days spent on the seashores.....

The many days spent on the seashores…..


Maine vactions maine lighthouses seashore of Maine

Beautiful ~ lighthouses in the eerie fog ~ oh, I love the fog… it so mystic and fairy like…. a long with the drastic flow of the tides.

Canandian border of Maine Lighthouses of Maine Seashore vacationing

A lighthouse on the Canadian border of Maine. I find this quite fun…I stand in Maine and take a picture of a lighthouse in Canada 😉


Summer Camping in Maine tSummering in the New England Stated Summer by the Seashore

Oh, the many lovely evening spent by a campfire…..


I am ready for fall as it is one of my favorite seasons. Just like depicted in Tasha Tudor’s book ~ “Around the Year” in the first photo, I look forward to the fall harvesting of vegetable and gathering of friends and family.  We are starting to see hints of fall in the air, up here in the northeast so I’m enjoying and taking in as much as I can because we will soon be heading south ( which feels like summer most of the year).

You can find the book Around the Year and many more of Tasha’s book on etsy, ebay and at

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