Fall is Nigh…….

Fall is Nigh Fall with Tasha Fall Knitting with Tasha Tudor Fall Vegetable Soup Fall Farmers Market  Kitchen Poetry Tasha Tudor

Fall is nigh, there is a breath of fall in the air….do you feel it…smell it….see it. Have you had any taste of fall yet??

oh my, doesn’t that drawing in the Tasha Tudor book “Around the Year” make you want to whip up a pot of soup, or a homemade apple pie!!

Harvest vegetable soup Fall is nigh fall poetry

What I love about fall, is soups made with all the tasty vegetables, oh, the beautiful potatoes ~ red ~ golden ~ purple ~ white and all the lovely greens ~ rainbow chard, yummy mustard and turnip greens, the colorful tomatoes! The truth is I love soup all through the year. Do you? What is your favorite homemade soup?

farmers Market Fall is Nigh Foods of Fall fall Poetry

I have been enjoying summer and falls bounty, not from my own garden ~ but through the hard work of others. Oh, thank you so much for the tasty vegetables, goat and sheep milk cheese. And look at those lovely blueberries.  Have you ever raked for blueberries, it will give you a new appreciation for them, making them taste even better.

Fall cooking harvest fall is nigh september

I tried something new this year, called dragon beans, they reminded me of broad beans. I stewed them with different colored tomatoes, carrots and some patty pan squash. The fresh  vegetables had such wonderful flavor we didn’t think it need any other seasoning except the onion flakes, salt and pepper

Farmers market Maine  fall food recipes

mmmm….doesn’t that watermelon look good??? It was!! We bought one of the dark green melons, they had a pink flesh and seeds ~ we ate the whole thing!

Blueberry Goat cheese cake maine organic blueberries fall is nigh fall harvest foods recipes

This is what I had for my birthday dessert . Chocolate blueberry goat cheesecake.

Farmers market Organic produce fall is nigh fall harvest

So have you been harvesting the bounty from your garden??? Do you have a locale farmers market and road side stands where you can buy tasty fruits and veg ~ of someone else’s labor?? Does your cooking change as fall is approaching? I’m ready for apples ~ apple sauce, warmed with cinnamon and raisins in it, apple crisp, and fresh apple cider!


4 thoughts on “Fall is Nigh…….

  1. My mouth is watering at your bounty!
    Yes, we are harvesting tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes and I experiments with peanuts this year in our small community plot. Will know soon if we have any.
    You soup looks delicious, Melissa, and the backdrop of Tasha Tudor’s illustrations only serve to make it more joyful.

    • The tomatoes are not so plentiful, up here this year. So do you have a garden plot in your own yard and one in a community plot? I watched a feature on a P. Allen smith about community plots in Chicago. I suggested that we might go some vegetables in our many borders around the condo, in Fl ~ they looked at me like I was crazy, oh well, maybe I am;-)
      I was enjoying that bowl of Vegetable soup while looking at Tasha”s book ~ and thought what a nice picture!

      • Just a community plot. We have more than enough room here in our yard, but, the deer are such a problem that it isn’t worth it. The community garden, however, yields just what need. Most of those who lease a plot have condos and really appreciate having a place to grow vegetables and herbs. There are some fantastic community gardens in Chicago and wonderful efforts to be sustainable. You’re not crazy. Tomatoes and herbs, even zucchini tugged in and around borders are a great use of space.
        You thought right! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! My mouth is watering on both the soups AND that luscious birthday treat of yours! My sweet husband makes a chicken soup ….that will make you feel so good when you are feeling under the weather!! It was his mother’s recipe! He adds a can of tomato soup or fresh diced tomatoes when available. Delish! I also have a recipe for cabbage soup that I love to eat during our minimal cold weather here in Florida Well maybe I should say cooler…lol! We are fortunate to have a hydro harvest farm close by that you can buy items they have picked or pick your own. We enjoy it so much….hope to take the grandson this weekend …they have a sort of fall festival there this time of year! We also have a place about an hour away that is so well worth the drive!! Blueberries are my FAVORITE! I try to get to the Gainesville area every June/July and pick my own blueberries…make jam, homemade ice cream and freeze some for the rest of the year!!

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