Of Seaweed and Tidal Pools

Seaweed Seagull Bar harbor Maine Seawall Maine Acadia National park Maine Seaweed recipes

The lovely colors and treasures ….. of the sea. One more look at summer. And a happy Birthday to my sister, I hope you have a lovely day at the beach!!


Hig tide low tide seawa;; Campground Acadia National Park bar Harbor Maine

Seawall has such serene beauty ~  with the waves rolling in the high tide…….and at low tide ~ seeing what treasures the tide has left behind.

By the sea barnacles Bar Harbor Maine seawall Maine Acadia Nation Park seaweed

A ~ very by-the-sea look!

Fresh and dried kelp seaweed seawall campground a Acadia National Park Maine By the sea Sight of low tide

The dramatic look of the naturally dried  kelp and other seaweeds, laying about the rocks and shore. When kelp is fresh and wet it is a pretty deep  shade of green. I have found some stripes as tall as me ~ 5’1!!

Seaweed Seawall Acadia National Park Maine Of Seaweed and seagulls

Seaweed drying / lying about on the rocks ~ at low tide.

Low tide Seawall Acadia National park  Maine seaweed seagull Living by the sea

More of what is left behind as the tide goes out. oh, the many shapes, sizes and color of rocks and shells!!

Summer Sailing

From the sea Low tide Seawall Acadia National Park Maine Vacationing at the sea By the sea Seaweed

….from the sea!

Summer vacation on seashore of maine Tides of the east coast

I love to watch the ~ changing of the tides!!

By the Sea vacation living by the sea photos Seawall Acadia National Park Maine

Low Tide leaves beauty behind ~ picture perfect


By the Sea Living by the Sea Seaweed Seawall Acadia National Park Maine

It’s so pretty and calming by the Sea.

Seagull by the sea seaweed

Watching and listening to the Song of the Seagulls….. by the Sea.

Seawall Acadia National Park Maine Seaweed seagull by the sea living by the sea

Tidal pools … hold many treasures to discover…at beautiful Seawall Acadia National Park, Maine

Vacationing by the seashore of Seawall  Maine seagulls video  Seaweed tides of east coast

I hope you have enjoyed our visit to the sea, with the seaweed, tidal pool treasures and seagulls. To see more of seaweed floating to the song of the seagull and seashore stories, please view my vimeo video:


You can enjoy more post about my visit to the sea here:


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