~ September ~ The Bride of Fall


Beauty that moves fall in yankee states Autumn North East Kingdom Vermont Traveling in new england states

Right proudly she walks in her bounty

Sown the lengths the length of the dim forest trails,

To the music of gipsy hand playing

A march on the silver-stringed gales.

Fall in New England Staes New Hampshire Vermont Traveling colors of fall Vintage Poetry September Bride of Fall Vintage Home Art Magazine

Her gown is be-ribboned and ruffled ,

And dainty dyed by the frost;

While the sun-gods have woven the veiling

That upon her bright tresses is tossed.

TSeptember the bride of fall Vintage poetry New England states fall traveling colors of New Hampshire Vermont Vintage needle women magazine Fall photography

Her bridal-bouquet is blue gentain,

With tassels if thistle-down floss;

And her sandals that tread, O, so softly,

Are fashioned of lichens and moss.

Stream in fall Fall colors of New England States Vermont New Hampshire traveling in fall Vintage fall poetry September Bride of fall

Each year she goes forth to the altar

At the sound pf a cleat ringing call,

And places her hand in her lover’s –

September, the bride of Fall!

Vintage Poetry September The Bride of Fall  Fall Travels New England States Vermont New Hampshire Fall Colors  colors of autumn


~ Elodia Pray Wright,

Another lovely vintage poem, from my one of my vintage magazine’s ~ The Home Arts Magazine, September 1934


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