An Autumn Day

An Autumn day


Fall in Vermont Reflections in water Autumnal lake Brighton State Park Vermont Autumn in Yankee New England States Northeast Kingdom vermont

On such a day of singing blue
The maddest, gladdest dreams come true!

Autumn Poetry An Autumn Day Eleanore Meyers Jewett Fall Brighton state park vermont Northeast kindom traveling Yankee New England States Tasha Tudors Vermont
I know, because the maple-trees
Have turned a redder, golder hue,
And every keen, smoke-scented breeze
Thrills me with hinted mysteries.
I know, for heaven was never spanned
With fleeter, whiter clouds than these!

Whiter clouds reflections An Autumn Day Poetry Photography Vermont Brighton State Prark North east Kingdom Traveling New England Yankee states Autumnal colors
On such a day each road is planned
To lead to some enchanted land;

Enchanted Fall Northeast kingdom Vermont Brighton State Park  Autumn Yankee New England States Fall Traveling Fall poetry An Autumn Dy
Each turning meets expectancy.
The signs I read on every hand.
I know by autumn’s wizardry

Autumns Wizardry An Autumn Day Poetry Eleanore Meyers Jewett Fall Vermont Brighton State Park Traveling North east Kingdom Autumn in New England Yankee states Tasha Tudors Vermont

On such a day the world can be
Only a great glad dream for me–

Autumnal day Vermont Brighton State Park North east Kingdom Vermont Traveling Yankee New England States Poetry An Autumn Day eleanore Meyers Jewett Fall Photos Tasha Tudors Vermont
Only a great glad dream for me!

~ Eleanore Myers Jewett

A great glad dream for me ~ from Brighton State Park and The northeast kingdom of Vermont!


A Stroll through the Kingdom of Vermont

 Water color of nature photography Autumnal colors North East Kingdom Vermont Fall in New England states yankee states

Watercolor of nature ~ by nature!! Perfect ~ the color is so vibrant yet so soft lending a lovely calming feel.

Fall in Vermont Autumnal Foliage in New England States Noth east Kingdom Vermont Brighton Park

Fall in Maples Autumal colors of Vermont Fall in New England States Traveling in the North East Kingdom Brighton State Park Vermont Tasha Tudors Vermont

All dressed up in autumnal red ~ I love the truck of this tree!

Reflections Fall Foliage in Vermont Autumnal Color in New England States Fall Autumn in the North Eas tKingdom Vermont Fall in Tasha Tudors Vermont

elegantlyhandmade Majestic fall in North east Kingdom Vermont Autumnal Color in New England States Traveling in North East Tasha Tudors vermonts

Majestic Fall

Vermont Farm Sheep farm Vermont Autumn New England States Yankee Fall Sheep in Autumn North East Kindom

Sheep North East Kingdom Vermont New England States

Growing wool… Hey you with the knitting needles ~ what are you looking at?!

Sheep of Vermont Autumnal feel of New England states Tasha Tudors Vermont traveling in vermont North east Kingdom of Vermont

Yarn in progress!


 Beauty that moves fall in yankee states Autumn North East Kingdom Vermont Traveling in new england states

The beauty of fall!!

 Vermont Fall Yankee States New England Autumn Tasha Tudors Vermont quote World of imagination Tasha Tudor Tuesday

Gnome Home! “I’ve always lived in a world of imagination” Tasha said, I can assure you it’s a very delightful way to live.”

The pond Vermont Vermont Fall Autumnal Color New England Yankee states

Stop ~ Relax ~ take in the beauty around you! If you listen you can hear the leaves changing colors…

I hope you having a beautiful fall? I took these lovely photos while traveling in the North East Kingdom of Vermont at the end of September. We like to head to northern Vermont around September to try to catch some color before we turn south. It worked out perfectly this year ~ as we checked each morning to see what color the cool nights brought to life.  I have so many pictures it was hard to pick. Become my friend and follow my blog and you will receive an email when I make a new post, so you will not miss when I share pictures from Tasha Tudor’s part of Vermont ~ along with our wonderful adventures and new friends we made along the way!