June – Almanac – A Rose is Sweet

Tasha Tudor Books the new England buttry shelff almanac flower the seashore rose of maine new england sates poetry Lucy larcom Tasha Tudor life style cottage by the sea

A couple of my books that I am really enjoying…

I received my book “An Island Garden” by Celia Thaxter for my birthday last summer. I also received  the “New England Butt’ry Shelf Almanac” by Mary Mason Campbell which was illustrated by Tasha Tudor, as a Christmas gift. I’m just now finding or making the time to really savor every word and drink in every illustration …… Now let me share a little with you…..

Buttry shelf Almanac Mary Mason Campbell tasha Tudor new england living Sea shore

And what a wonderful collation it is.

June Flower – THE ROSE – Rosa…

Junes flower the seas shore rose of maine poetry Lucy Larcom The rose is so sweet Tasha Tudor Mary mason campbell

Junes sweet little bird is THE HOUSE WREN.

One can express almost any sentiment through a gift of roses, depending on the color or kind, but roses generally have a connotation of love. ~ “The New England Butt’ry Shelf Almanac”

and a sweet drawing by Tasha Tudor.

The rose is sweet poetry by Lucy Larcom The new england buttry shelf almanac Mary mason campbell Tasha Tudor

“A Rose is Sweet”  ….. ~ Lucy Larcom

A rose is sweet

      No matter where it grows;

A Rose is sweet Lucy Larcom Poetry seashore roses of Maine New engalnd buttry shelf almanac Mary mason campbell tasha tudor

Seashore roses of Maine.

But our wild roses, flavored by the sea.

 Cottage roses Seashore cottage Elegance A Rose is sweet by the seashore of maine poetry by Lucy larcom

Elegant Rosebuds by the seashore of Maine

And colored by the salt winds and much sun

Maine seashore rose buds A rose so sweet poetry Lucy Larcom

A Rose so sweet – and beautiful by the sea..

To healthiest intensity bloom

A sweet rose of the Maine seashore Poetry Lucy larcon the new englnad buttry shelf almanac Tasha tudor

We think the world has none more beautiful. ~ Lucy Larcom

Cottage Elegance Roses Cottage Roses Poetry Lucy Larcome

Lovely Maine seashore roses.



2 thoughts on “June – Almanac – A Rose is Sweet

    • Thank you, Penny. I am really enjoying the The New England Almanac.Last night Bethany was sharing with me what a nice lady Mary Mason Campbell and telling me about the tea parties and gatherinsg they used to have with her!
      I have great fun taking photos and pairing them up with poetry -two of my favorite things, along with books 😉

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