Old-fashioned Gardens

“All old-fashioned gardens had at least two things in common. They had roses; they all had herbs”. -‘The New England Butt’ry Shelf Almanac’

Old fashion roses tasha tudor cottage elegance cottage roses cottage living old fashioned gardening rose poetry Robert Herrick  rose water rose recipes  seashore roses

Old fashion – roses

While further enjoying this months chapter – June in ‘The New England Butt’ry Shelf Almanac’. And with this month’s flower being Rose,  a little cottage we once lived in came to mind. The girls and I called it the “Old-fashioned Rose Cottage” – because, well ~ old-fashioned roses grew in abundance all around the cottage. That is what still survived in the flower borders / bed all the way around this antique cottage and in various locations throughout the yard!! They had the most Heavenly Scent!!! This is when I first starting really playing with roses. Rose- water for flavoring foods, such as rose petal teas and cakes, as well as for soothing our skin, along with jams, jellies and flavored honey. We also dried rose petal and hips for tea and potpourri.

Cottage roses elegant cottage cottage elegance seashore roses rose poetry the book and the new england  buttry almanac

Seashore Rose Boutique

Old fashioned roses herb gardening cottage roses cottage living seashore roses rose poetry Robert Herrick gather  thee roses rose recipes water marmalade petal

Old- fashioned Roses

Gather thee rosebuds while ye may

Old time is still a-flying

And the same flower that smiles today

Tomorrow will be dying.

~ Robert Herrick

Cottage Elegance Rose poetry  Gather Rosebud while Robert Herrick Elegantlyhandmade

Make the most of life…. each day!!


Rose petal potpurri Cottage elegance potpourri  elegantlyhandmade

I have always enjoyed collecting petals along my daily path…… through my cottage garden.                    As in the ‘The New England Butt’ry Shelf Cookbook’ (by Mary Mason Campbell and Tasha Tudor) oh, this book is so much more than just a cookbook!!!

Today’s petal collection ~  jasmine, rose petals, lavender and a few wild flowers. I enjoy the combination of these petals and the rose and lavender retain their color for a long time. This is what i call my Petal Potpourri!!

Have you ever made your own rose-water or maybe rose marmalade??

Cottage elegance petal potpourri Tasha Tudor Mary Mason Campbell THe New England BUttry shelf cookbook  Cottage garden cottage elegance

I enjoy the scent of sea-shore rose and balsam combination of this petal collection.

For a little added elegance I like adding seashells and/or gemstones to my potpourri!!

I will just have to extend the herb garden visit into July ~ my herb garden is still flourishing , And just where did June go…….




2 thoughts on “Old-fashioned Gardens

  1. Lovely post. I, too, enjoy the scents of old roses. Have you ever heard of the Rose Wranglers in Texas? Basically, they find old roses, in cemeteries, old homesteads, churchyards, etc. ask permission and then take cuttings to preserve the roses – and, of course, propagate and sell. Off I go to gather some of my own petals. Thanks for this post.

    • Thank you, Penny. I have never heard of the Rose Wranglers – that name make me giggle! ;-)I have heard of something similar being done with violets.They are finding heirloom varieties in old green houses. Have you heard of or grew a Parma Viloet? I do not know if they are old – but I’ve only recently heard of them, through Tasha Tudor, of course:-)

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