“A Doll for Bethany” ~ Lucinda’s Wardrobe

Have you ever hand stitched doll cloths???

Doll collector art doll Tasha Tudor hand crafted dolls Cottage Elegance Dolls Elegantlyhandmade handcrafted dolls collecting dolls

Bethany and her doll, Lucinda.  Lucinda is wearing tiny red leather shoes and a rather elegant coral seed bead necklace.

“One of my mother’s favorite diversions has been designing and sewing dresses, petticoats and tiny shoes from the style of the 1860’s,  as she has done for my doll, Lucinda” – Bethany Tudor

Bethany Tudors doll Lucinda Tasha Tudors dolls hand crafted dolls art dolls doll collectors elegant cottage elegantlyhandmade cottage elegance A Doll for Bethany

“A Doll for Bethany” ~ Lucinda Tudor, Lovingly hand crafted by Tasha Tudor

Hand made doll clothing Tasha Tudors dolls handcrated dolls Tasha tudors doll cloths doll collectors Bethany Tudor A doll for Bethany Tudor Lucinda Playing with dolls elegantlyhandmade cottage elegance cottage style dolls

Lucinda’s Swiss dot dress is so elegant ~ accented  with it’s pretty pink satin ribbon.

“As children, we all entered wholeheartedly  into the fantasy world of the dolls. They seemed real living people to us, and certainly had very individual personalities”  – Bethany Tudor  ‘Drawn from New England’

A Doll for Bethany Tudor Bethanys Doll Lucinda Tasha Tudors world of dolls hand crafted doll cloths historic doll clothing elegant cottage dolls cottage elegance

Lucinda’s warm winter wool coat, hand knit mitten, socks and a crochet hat.

Oh my, look at the tiny dainty pearl buttons and button holes on Lucinda’s coat. The tiny mittens have string running from sleeve to sleeve, with the mittens attached at each end. Bethany said a friend of her mother crocheted the hat. Look at the lovely grey Vermont wool yarn! Lucinda will  indeed be knitting herself a Tasha Tudor style “Kindred Spirit Shawl” 😉

Lucinda 1860 winter wardrobe for dolls hand stitched doll clothing Tasha Tudors dolls Cottage Elegance Dolls doll collectors art dolls

Lucinda’s Winter Wardrobe ~ did you notice that Lucinda is wearing long johns? Just as soon she finished knitting her shawl she will be all set to stay warm and toasty through Vermont Winters!

Our Dolls, plush ducks, and bears led very interesting lives, with the encouragement of my mother’s remarkable gift of fantasy. ~ Bethany Tudor

Bethany shared that Tasha has on several occasions crafted dolls not only for family, but for a few  appreciative friends including a Danish friend who came to visit.

Tasha Tudors Dolls Unendindg delight Tasha Tudor Museum Tasha Tudors hand crafted dolls handcrafted doll cloths doll collectors cottage elegance dolls

Daisy Brownthrush with her extensive wardrobe. Daisy and her wardrobe were handmade by Tasha Tudor for her granddaughter, Jennifer.  Daisy Brownthrush was part of the Unending Delight exhibit at the Tasha Tudor Museum.


You can read the first part of my story here;


Happy 100 Birthday Tasha Tudor

Bethany has written a warm and Loving biography of her mother ~ the life story of Tasha Tudor.

“Drawn from New England, Tasha Tudor A Portrait In Words and Pictures” By Bethany Tudor.

This is the perfect time to enjoy this book of Tasha’s life as this year is her 100th birthday.   Kindred Spirits are not so scarce ….as Tasha, Bethany and I share the same Birthday month of August. So please join us in celebrating.

If you do not yet own Bethany’s book, you can sometime find used ones available on line.

Please do come back and join me  for the continuing story of  “A Doll for Bethany” as Lucinda Meets New Friend……


I have designed and hand-knit a “Kindred Spirit – Cottage Elegance Shawl” in the true style of Tasha Tudor. and… we can’t forget ours dolls. You can find shawls for you and your doll – hand knit for you here :


 Tasha Tudor hand knit cottage elegance kindred spirit shawl handmade christmas gifts PDF knitting patterns Tasha Tudor style doll shalw Tasha Tudor Happy birthday celebration take joy peaceful calm living

Tasha wearing her “Cottage shawl” – while sitting in the garden drawing,

and one for your doll , here:


Tasha Tudor style doll shawl Annabelle shawl hand made gifts PDF patterns collecting dolls the dolls Christmas Doll collecting

Tasha Tudor style doll shawl. Your doll would love wearing a custom knit Tasha Tudor style shawl.

PDF to Knit your own shawls :

Tasha Tudor shawl sale elegantlyhandmade.etsy.com Mothers day hand made gift sale fall hand knitting PDF pattern Autumn of my soul autumn knitting Functional rugged classic colonial knits

PDF Pattern – To knit your own shawl in Two styles, Cottage scarf and hand-warmers Plus many tips – Doll shawl etc

Have a wonderful day playing with your dolls!

~Take Joy ~ Melissa


Just a friendly reminder –

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All photo’s and content  of this blog and F.B. are  under copyright to Melissa O’Connor. PLEASE do not use with out my permission. Please do not pin!!

4 thoughts on ““A Doll for Bethany” ~ Lucinda’s Wardrobe

  1. dear Melissa,
    I just wanted to write and let you know I love reading ALL of your Tasha Tudor posts. I especially enjoyed the recent ones about Bethany and Tasha’s dolls.
    Being a doll maker myself I can appreciate all the time and love that went into making the dolls and all the doll clothes. I have seven daughters, so you can imagine I’ve made lots of dolls and doll clothes over the years. I recently repaired a doll for my grandson, that had belonged to his Daddy when he was a little boy. The grandson loved his new/old doll that now had hair and eyes the color of Jacob jr.(see my blog Handmade vs mass produced…)

    I don’t have much time to write, but I just wanted to tell you I love and appreciate your posts. I don’t usually knit in the summer, but I can’t wait to begin on my Tasha shawl! I may have to start in August!
    Happy summer!
    love, Susan a kindred spirit

    • Dear Susan,
      I am so glad you enjoy my post. Bethany is a very sweet soul. I am truly enjoying my friendship with her. I love the memories she shares with me of when they lived in N.H. I hope to share more. I did look at your doll post, when you first shred with me – things were quite busy then. It such a heart warming story. Most would think they are just dolls or just a toy – but not when we put so much love in to making them and then teach our children and grandchildren – to then love and appreciate there toys.
      I enjoy knitting year round – it relaxes me, especially the type of knitting used to knit my shawls.
      With Kindred Spirit love – Melissa

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