Happy Birthday Bethany – August a Month of Birthdays!!

 A Time To Keep August Birthdays Tasha 1ooth birthday celebrations remembrance Bethany Tudor Birthday August poem

From ‘A Time to Keep” by Tasha Tudor. Available at http://tashatudorandfamily.com/

My August is filled with many Happy Birthdays. My oldest daughter, my Gran-daughter, my niece and my birthdays are all in August –  along with my new friend! So we start the month of August off wishing Tasha Tudor’s daughter, Bethany a very happy  birthday.

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floating birthday cake tuesday with tasha tudor tea time with tasha tudor August Birthday Bethany Tudor Tasha Tudor

And best of all – the birthday cake came floating down the river.
~ From the book ‘A Time to Keep’ by Tasha Tudor. Available at http://tashatudorandfamily.com/


Tasha Tudor Tuesdays Tea time 100th birthday celebrations remembrance Tasha Tudor life style August Slow living mindful living

Tasha Tudor and her daughter’s Bethany and Efner.  – ‘Drawn from New England’ by Bethany Tudor

Drawn From New England By BEthan Tudor BEthany Tudor Birthday Tasha Tudor 100th Birthday Celebrations Remembrances Tasha Tudor Tuesday Tea TIme books

Drawn From New England Tasha Tudor A Portrait In Words and Pictures – By Bethany Tudor

~ ‘Bethany describes in affectionate detail the world her mother created and made famous. The result is not merely the portrait of an artist, but also a celebration of her highly individual way of life.’ – Drawn From New England

Bethany has shared many fond memories she has of growing up as Tasha Tudor’s Daughter. She does indeed have much in common with her mother.

The Private World of Tasha Tudor. By Richard brown

The Private World of Tasha Tudor. By Richard brown

Bethany shares her mom’s love of birds. And like Tasha, Bethany is the owner of forty – something birds. She likes many of the same breeds as Tasha, such as the tiny Australian diamond dove, domesticated ring neck doves from African, African cape and Tambourine dove, Zebra finches, Fife and American singers Canaries and hand raised Cockatiels. When I ring Bethany up on the phone, it is so delightful hearing the bird song in the background.  Bethany breeds birds and has a great knowledge of them. I do enjoy learning about the different birds from her – both domestic and birds in the wild.


August Birthdays Bethany Tudor Tasha Tudor

Bethany was a frequent model. 
~ Drawn From New England – By Bethany Tudor

Bethany Tudor Tasha Tudors daughter august birthdays Happy Birthday Bethany Tasha Tudor

Bethany loved to dress up in antique costumes and pose for her mother. – Drawn from New England by Bethany Tudor

August Birthday Bethany And Tasha Tudor

Drawn From New England ~ By Bethany Tudor

elegantlyhandmade.wordpress.com Tasha Tudors 100th birthday remembrance celebrations slow living mindful living

Drawn From New England by Bethany Tudor

Just encase you were wondering – Bethany prefers to wear skirts. She finds them to be more comfortable than pants.

Tasha Tudor daughter Bethany Tasha Tudor Kindred Spirit Shawl Tudor China Doll Tasha Tudor pattern cottage elegance Doll collectors

Here I am with my new friends Bethany Tudor. Happy Birthday Bethany! I hope you enjoyed your chocolate mousse cake!!

For A Special Friend…..

‘Mem’ry has painted this perfect day

With colors that never fade,

And we find, at the end of a perfect day,

The soul of a friend we’ve made.”

~ Carrie Jacobs – Bond

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Copyright 2015 by Melissa O’Connor




3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bethany – August a Month of Birthdays!!

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy following your blog. I have always loved Tasha Tudor’s books, and I am hoping to learn to knit soon. Thank you for the lovely photos.

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