August – Summer’s Queen

August – Summer’s Queen

August Moon over Vermont Summer Tasha Tudor Poetry handknit shawl

Enchanting August Moon over Vermont……


‘Fairest of Months! ripe Summer’s Queen                                                                                                    The hey-day of the year                                                                                                                           with robes  that gleam with sunny sheen,                                                                                           Sweet August doth appear.’                                                                                                                               ~ R. Combe Miller

I found this cheerful poem In the book ‘The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady’

August Summers queen Golden rod in Vermont

Golden Summer….

Goldenrod – Summer’s Queen!!


Upon reflection: do you like August? I would have to say that summer over all is not my favorite season of the year. The month of July and August I would be quick to say – NO Hot humid Hot!!  But……upon further reflection, My Birthday is this month, along with My daughter, granddaughter, Bethany and Tasha Tudor. And when I’m not in the south August can be rather pleasant on some days. Blueberries are ripe in Maine, beautiful wild flowers in the north-east, the wonderful farmers markers….. Do you like August”?

Take Joy ~ Melissa


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3 thoughts on “August – Summer’s Queen

  1. So many favorites here, with Tasha Tudor’s illustrations and this poem from another favorite book of mine. Lovely.

    Alas, August is my least favorite month of the year. The garden starts to wane, though I know September and October will bring their glory soon enough, and it always seem that everyone else is away on vacation – but me. Poor Penny. 🙂 So . . . I relish the abundance of fresh produce and hunker down reading, visiting, and trying to take joy come August.

    Happy Birthday.

      • I am thankful for AC as well and am, in fact, enjoying it right now as this is a hot and very humid day here. I just got back from a few days of visiting with my own grandkids and am delightfully exhausted.

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