Three Wise Fools – Vintage Movie

Three Wise Fools a 1946 film about a young Irish orphan  Sheila who, with the help from leprechaun’s only she can see, softens the hearts three harden old bachelors who were once unsuccessful suitors of her grandmother many years before.

Vintage Irish Movies Sunday Vintage Movie and Radio programs St Patricks Day celebrations Irish home and cottage Hygge

Three Wish Men

Here we start with a Lux Radio Theater 1947 presentation of the ‘Three Wise Fools’


VINTAGE MOVIE NIGHT SUNDAY MOVIE vintage retro Irish movies Irish home and cottage St Patricks Day

Vintage Movie Sunday with Margaret O’Brien

And Here is a youtube  videos to this lovely vintage Irish Movie starring Margret O’Brien, Lionel Barrymore, Lewis Stone  and Edward Arnold.

 Three wise fools vintage movie Irish Heritage folklore St Patricks day celebrations Irish blessings Wherever we go Irish blessing Ireland When Irish eyes are smiling Ireland an Irish sketchbook in photographs

Hope you have little help from leprechaun’s today!


~ Melissa

Copyright 2017 By Melissa O’Connor

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Handmade home comforts of home and cottage My Irish Cottage decor Hand knit home Irish st Patricks day home decor by Melissa

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