When Irish Eyes are Smiling


When Irish Eyes are Smiling Of Ireland Irish Heritage Ireland elegantlyhandmade by Melissa elegatnlyhandmade.wordpress.com

Hello, I am Melissa O’Connor (Maiden name), and there is more Irish about me than just my name it is indeed running strongly through my veins. O’Connor is from my father, and we are predominantly Irish with a very interesting family history that takes us on a long journey from a doctor in the United States in the 1840’s to his adopted family in England, then on to our family roots in Ireland. Also, with the last name Yates on my mom’s side, this adds even more Irish to my heritage.



When Irish Eyes are Smiling sure it’s like a morn in spring
In the lilt of Irish laughter you can hear the angels sing
when Irish hearts are happy all the world seems bright and gay
but when Irish eyes are smiling sure they’ll steal your heart away

Dan & Melissa

There’s a tear in your eye and I’m wondering why
that it ever should be there at all
with such power in your smile sure a stone you’d beguile
and there’s never a teardrop should fall
when your sweet lilting laughter’s like some fairy song
and your eyes sparkle bright as can be
Oh then laugh all the while and all other times smile
and then smile a smile for me

For your smile is a part of the love in your heart,
And it makes even sunshine more bright.
Like the linnet’s sweet song, crooning all the day long,
Comes your laughter and light for the springtime of life
Is the sweetest of all
There is ne’er a real care or regret; ad while springtime is ours
Throughout all of youth’s hours, let us smile each chance we get.


~ let us smile each chance we get!


An Irish sketchbook in potographs Irish blessing recipes handmade cottage and home eleganthandmade,wordpress.com

Rainbow over Dublin.

~Melissa & Dan


All content and photographs copyright 2017 By Melissa O’Connor


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