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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    We are looking for the source of the image of Lucy Maud Montgomery you have photographed and post https://elegantlyhandmade.wordpress.com/2014/06/08/a-little-sunshine-for-your-day/
    Can you write me back to let me know where you have taken the photo of what looks like a kind of painting framed. thank you.
    M. / Mr. Dominique Dufour
    Agent aux actifs numériques, Salle de l’histoire canadienne
    Musée canadien de l’histoire
    Digital Assets Officer, Canadian History Hall
    Canadian Museum of History
    100, rue Laurier Street, Gatineau QC K1A 0M8
    T 819-776-8529

    • Hello Dominique, I am the source. I took the picture, about eight or nine years ago while on a vacation / tour of P.E.I and all things L.M. Montgomery and Anne, woolen mills and light houses. This is a picture that was hanging on the wall of the Green Gables Museum that belonged to L.M.M cousins. I meet Pat – a relative of L.M.M. who was running the Museum at the time. I asked Pat permission to take pictures and post on my blog and she granted (verbal) permission.
      Thank you

  2. Hello Melissa
    Thank you for the information, i was chasing after this image (we can see all around the web without any mention of the original source) so this will help me to finally get a good digital file/ copy to add in the interactive timeline in our future permanent exhibition at the CMH; The Canadian History Hall, opening July 1st this year.

    • Good morning Dominique,
      I’m glad could help. The museum where I took this picture is at Silver Bush, Park Corner P.E.I. They do have a lot of nice photographs and more. Sounds like a fun and interesting project you’r working on. Unfortunately around the internet people take and use images that do not belong to them.
      I do hope hope visit P.E.I again this summer. We had so much fun on our last visit and everyone was so pleasant.

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