Old ~ January

Then Came old January, wrapped well in many weed to keep the cold away….  faerie Queen, S. Spencer

Old January poetry S Spencer THe Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady Edith Holden water colors

January – from ‘ The Diary Of An Edwardian Lady”

Happy New Year! I hope you are having a great start to the new year!

Country Diary of AN Edwardian lady Daisy poetry Old January 2016 Fletcher Wordsworth

“Daisies smelless but most quaint”. Fletcher
                                                Child of the Year!… Ready to salute the sun….Wordsworth                                               ‘The Country Diary Of AN Edwardian Lady’

I think you can see what book I have been enjoying. I do hope if your world has been wrapped in weeds, that it has at least been daisies!! I think in most parts of the country the daisies are most likely  – Frozen!!  In my part of the world they may be drowning and according to Edith Holden’s book, ‘The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady’ – “A wet January A wet Spring”. Oh Dear! We might as well wrap ourselves up in a nice cozy shawl and enjoy our favorite books. Have you ever watched the movie, ” A Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady”?

You can find a nice warm Tasha Tudor style shawl to wrap around you –  available in  my etsy shop.

I just sent my first shawl order for 2016 off to its new owner and she was quite pleased! Which makes me quite pleased!

“Perfect size, weight, and warmth. I love that this is a little smaller than most–I can pin it on and move around without catching on anything. And the soft grey color goes with anything I wear. LOVELY! Thank you!”


Tasha Tudor style shawl cottage elegance knitting pattern elegantlyhandmade.etsy.com

Tasha Tudor style Cottage Elegance Shawl.

It’s also a good time of year to knit yourself a nice warm shawl. It makes me happy to be able to say I have sold quite a few of my PDF pattern.  My PDF pattern contains full instructions to  knit your own T.T. style Shawl along with two variations and a Cottage scarf –  available in my etsy shop:


We do hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

Tasha Tudor style cottage elegance hand knit shawl and pattern tashatudorandfamily.com elegantlyhandmade.wordpress.com

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

You can find out more about Tasha Tudor and family at Tashatudorandfamily.com The family are preparing to offer this years (2016) tour tickets for sale – they sell out fast. Winslow Tudor (Tasha’s grandson) will be releasing a family cookbook this year and Marjorie (Seth’s wife) will be offering a watercolor class!! The T.T. museums exhibit this year will be Tasha’s garden!!!

~ Melissa


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“Cottage Elegance” ~ “Kindred Spirit Shawl” Pattern

ターシャ·テューダースタイルハンドニットショールパターン Tāsha· te~yūdāsutairuhandonittoshōrupatān Tasha tudor style hand knit shawl Pattern PDF elegantlyhandmade.etsy.com cottage elegance hand knit shawl prairie hand knit shawl simple Elegance knitting After much starting, proof reading – restarting,  gauging, sourcing. Trade marking, copyrighting, watermarking , technical lumps, bumps and hurdles……..

Knitting pattern gauging sourcing knitting Tasha tudor style kindred spirit take peace take joy shawl pattern cottage elegance vintage knitting

You might enjoy viewing my New Post –  Old ~ January 2016


Tasha Tudor Style kindred spirit doll shawl Cottage Elegance doll shawl elegantlyhandmade doll shawl pattern pdf

Emma – Rose, Sally-Marie, Sally Anne and I Take Joy in letting you know that we have a limit number of “doll shawls”  (the three pictured) available in my etsy shop here….


And  my pattern to knit your own Tasha Tudor style shawl is now available…….


That the PDF downloadable pattern for my “Cottage Elegance” Tasha Tudor style “Kindred Spirit” shawl – is available in my etsy shop. The PDF pattern tells the story of how I came to design my shawls with the instructions for knitting grey wool shawl I am wearing in the top picture and suggestions for knitting your dolls a shawl – like the girls are wearing in the above picture.

This pattern includes a few bonuses. Such as…

Cottage Elegance by Melissa Kindred spirit take joy take peace hand knit Tasha Tudor style hadnknit pdf pattern prairie shawl pattern farmhouses shawl pattern ターシャ·テューダースタイルハンドニットショールパターン Tāsha· te~yūdāsutairuhandonittoshōrupatān

Tasha Tudor style “Cottage Elegance Cotton Shawl”

Five star rating from a happy, friendly lady!

***** “A beautiful, perfect, warm, lovely shawl. (Think I like it?) Melissa is a wonderful, friendly person to do business with. You will not be disappointed!!!!!”

Tasha Tudor style cottage elegance kindred spirit cotton shawl hand knit wool shawl PDF pattern Forever Christmas Red Wool Cottage scarf and hand warmers

Here you see a little bit longer version of my “Cottage Elegance Cotton Shawl” Full instruction in my PDF pattern available in my etsy shop: elegantlyhandmade.etsy.com

I have also included a basic “Man about the Cottage Neck Warmer scarf”

A five star review from a wonderful lady who purchased a knitted scarf.

***** ” My husband loves it (Christmas gift)…thank you!”
Neck warmer scarf Cottage elegance hand knitting patterns cottage elegance by melissa kindred spirits cottage pattern pdf

This scarf would make a nice gift for a man, teenager or to layer with your shawl, as we so often see Tasha doing.!!

The Pattern for my  Tasha Tudor Style ” Cottage Elegance Kindred spirit Shawl” is now available for purchase – in my etsy shop!

Five star rating from a customer in another country.

****”Thank you for the knitting pattern!”

Yes, you can translate my pattern into your language, after you purchase it!

Forever Christmas Red Tasha Tudor Style Cottage Elegance Kindred Spirit Vermont Wool Hand knit shawl PDF Pattern elegantlyhandmade.etsty.com

Here is my “Cottage Elegance Forever Christmas Red” Shawl knit in a lovely Berry red, cozy soft Vermont wool and mohair yarn. Instructions in my PDF Pattern


~In my pattern I share with you the story of my shawl with instruction for knitting your very own Tasha Tudor Style grey  wool “Kindred Spirit Shawl” !

~Bonus instructions for knitting my  “Cottage Elegance Cotton shawl”- as previously featured on my blog. Within my story pattern I share with you, what yarn I  use and  the best size needles to use with different yarns.

~I have also included the instructions for my  “Cottage Scarf” pattern! This scarf  makes a great gift for a man or teenage,  especially when knit in other colors such as elderberry (Purple), Balsam (Green) or raspberry red.

My “Cottage scarf” also looks nice when layered with your Shawl. I have also included many suggestions for using left over yarn!

~ Plus a separate Tutorial pdf.


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Spring Time ~ Spring pink!!

Tasha Tudor gardening cottage gardening Elegant cottage cottage elegance shawls roses Anne of Green Gables Quote Pink Roses

Oh, look, there’s one little early wild rose out! Isn’t it lovely?  ~ Anne of Green Gables,LMM 

Don’t you think it must be glad to be a rose?  ~ Anne of Green Gables, LMM

Tasha Tudor quote beautiful world cottage elegance garden roses anne of green gables quote lucy muad montgomery tasha tudor gardening cottage gardening

” Wouldn’t it be nice if roses could talk? I’m sure they could tell us such lovely things.  ~ Anne of Green Gables, LMM

And isn’t pink the most bewitching color in the world?  I love it……   ~Anne of Green Gables, LMM

Tasha Tudor dolls Cottage Elegance Dolls shawls hand knit doll shawls spring cottage garden Tasha Tudor shawl gardening Mothers day

We hope you have had a very Happy Easter! We have been quite busy with visit from Gran – Children. My Gran – daughter’s love playing (carefully) with my Tasha Tudor (endorsed) dolls. Isn’t Emma Rose’s shawl pretty?? She has been busy knitting shawls for her twin cousins Sally – Anne and Sally- Marie. If my  pretty Tasha Tudor style brooches have been catching your eye, they are on sale through April for 20 % off!! click over to my soelegantlyvintage.etsy.com shop.


We do hope you are having a lovely start to spring and that flowers are starting to bloom in your part of the world. We are noticing bits of ‘Spring Green’, the trees are budding out their new leaves. Oh my, the Bougainvillea are so happy!! The hibiscus and the knock off roses did real well all winter ~ keeping me quite happy with their lovely blooms.

Now my patio garden is another story!! Last summers heat was really hard on my poor little cottage patio ~ botanical buddies and a few ~ died! Then I lost a couple more this winter ~ my poor rosemary Christmas tree ~ I loved it so…but it’s gone! So I will be sprucing up on the cottage patio real soon.

In the mean time my locale  grocery store as been filled with beautiful blooms – just tempting me!! How did your garden / botanical buddies fare through the winter! Are you making your gardening plans? I would love to hear ~ please do share!!

Fresh spring herbs Spring gardening Patio gardening cottage garden

Rosemary, Thyme and mint. As you can see I have caved into temptation, as I had full intentions of doing so 😉 I was just waiting for a fresh looking arrival. 

” How beautiful this world is…”  ~ Tasha Tudor


Vintage Cottage Elegance Vintage Mothers Day Gifts Handmade cottage Vintage doilies potholders Spring pastels pink green mothers day sales eleganlyhandmade.etsy.com soelegantllyvintage.etsy.com

 Add some spirng color to vintage cottage decor with theses Pretty spring pastel pink and green, vintage potholders.  I am having a spring  / Mother’s Day SALE in both of my etsy shops. I would love for you to stop by and have a look, as many items will no longer be available after April. I am making some changes! Look for new and exciting things to come!! Soelegantlyvintage.etsy.com  and   eleganltyhandmade.etsy.com

Please stop by and visit my little boutiques ~ in three locations :



And you can also find me at the Handmade in America platform;


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Handmade Happiness

Knitting TashaTtudor Style shawl

Tasha Tudor Style hand knit shawl still in progress……

HANDMADE – made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of “superior quality”!

HAPPINESS – …. mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

It’s that time of year again where we are finishing up on our handmade gifts or decide  we just will not be able to get it done in time!! So that’s where I and others like me come in to help  out.

Shop from home, where you can avoid the pushing crowds, the horrid traffic ~ to just end up  walking away with something you really did not want, made of poor quality!  So just sit back in your easy chair with a cup of tea and browse through the lovely handmade items that are available to you here on the internet on places such as etsy.



Black Friday Sale Cyber Monday Sale Small Business weekend sale Christmas Sale Holiday Sale handmade christmas holiday gifts tasha Tudor sytle lond wool scarf long winter scar elegantlyhandmadeetsycom soelegnatlyvintageetsycom etsy shopping

Lovely in red, perfect touch of color to wrap about yourself during the long winter days.

My Long Winter red wool scarf is the perfect gift to keep one toasty warm! Available  ://www.etsy.com/listing/93141209/warm-red-wool-long-wrap-scarf-stole?ref=shop_home_feat_1




Tasha Tudor style Christmas Gifts Cottage Shawl brooches black friday cyber monday small business weekend sales etsy shopping eleganltyhandmadeetsycom soelegantlyvintage

You can find these lovely vintage, novelty brooches in my vintage shop ~ soelegantlvintage.etsy.com


 Cyber Monday sale Handmade sale Long wool wrap scarf organic vermont wool Tasha Tudor Style Christmas gifts Brown woof wrap scarf

Just in time for winter. This warm soft organic Vermont wool scarf

Can’t you just picture Tasha wearing this scarf wrapped several times around her neck to keep warm, as she is spinning wool or sitting at the end of her table drawing. It’s a generous 71″ long making it just perfect for wrapping several cozy times around your neck. This scarf is made from the same Vermont organic yarn, that my shawls are knit from. I think the man about the place would appreciate this scarf as a gift, perfect for Christmas or Fathers Day.

Available in my etsy shop here:  www.etsy.com/listing/213449131/hand-knitted-scarf-organic-vermont-wool?ref=shop_home_active_2

Available in my weddings and accessories shop section:



Hand knit kitchen set sales Tasha Tudor style Christmas Gifts Forever Christmas gifts gifts with meaning

Some of my kitchen set come with a small cherry wood spatula or spreader.


I think many people appreciate and enjoy giving and receiving quality handmade gift, whether, made by your own hands or by the love and care of someone else. What’s important is to think about the person you are choosing the gift for, make sure to look for something you believe they would really like, pay attention to  the style of their clothing and accessories, the style of their home deco, what colors they may like etc. Then you will truly being gifting a portion of thyself, when you put some thought and craftsmanship into the making or purchasing of gifts.






Happy Independence Day!!

Independence day Fourth of July Fireworks Celebrations elegantlyhande.wordpress.com
Tasha Tudor Independence Day Celebrations Fourth of July

~ From the lovely book “A Time to Keep” by Tasha Tudor.

Independence day Fourth of July Fireworks Celebrations elegantlyhande.wordpress.com


Independence Day Forth of July  Declaration of Independence United States Of America Flag

O say can you see by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
~The Star – Spangled Banner

Independence Day Fireworks fourth of July Celebrations Orange burst Independence day fireworks fourth of July celebrations

Flag United Stated of America Flag Independence Day Fourth of July Patriotic display

When our land is illumined with liberty’s smile,
If a foe from within strikes a blow at her glory,
Down, down with the traitor that tries to defile
The flag of the stars, and the page of her story!
By the millions unchained,
Who their birthright have gained
We will keep her bright blazon forever unstained;
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave,
While the land of the free is the home of the brave.
~ Additional Fifth Stanza to the song -1861



Betsy Rose Tasha Tudor July Foruth Independence Day A Time To Keep celebrations etsy  elegantly hand made

Bridget reminds me a little of Betty Ross!

I hope you have had a very delightful Fourth of July!!

The Sea Shell


I do love seashells…..can one have to many seashells??

Pink seashell

~~ Shells come in many lovely colors ~ to match your home decor needs/wants..

"Tis this dainty shell,

“Tis this dainty shell,

'tis a fragil shell

’tis a fragil shell

At my feet that the wild waves threw....

At my feet that the wild waves threw….

~ The Seashell ~ Arthur Weir

Pretty shells on the shore

Pretty shells on the shore.

Sea shores

I collect shells from all of the shores we visit…. each shore has its own specialties~ in many ways…. not just shells….some have more drift wood ~ others pebbles ~ some sea glass!!


Beautiful seashell fragments.

Shell crafts

Yes, I do create with my shell treasures and you can find some of my creations in my etsy shop.



Oh, what beautiful shells may be rolling to shore in the waves….. We’ll have to go see!!

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A Time to Play

A Visit with the grandkids

A Time To Play with the Grand-kids! I love it when the kids and Gran – kids are in town and  stop by for a visit. They really enjoyed playing with my little Tasha Tudor “A Time To Keep” – seasonal display.

""A time to Keep" with Tasha Tudor
A Time to Play!

A Time to Play

Apparently, I have been mistaken – this is not Bridget – it is Little Bo Peep!!

A Time to Play

So here she is ….. Little Bo peep, with her sheep!!

A Time to Play

Someone really enjoyed playing with the sheep, and asked several times if she could take them home.

A Time to Play

It’s fun knowing you have special toys at Gran’s house. It makes the toys and the visits memorable.

A Time to Play
A Time to Play at Gran’s house, we wanted to take the balancing bird home too. Keep in mind we do not live in the same state as Gran, so we do not get to play with Gran or the special toys very often….but Gran being Gran…… has some little thing to put in a bag for us to take home, some little cars, coloring posters of Tinker Bell, crayons, makers, pencils and paper.

A Time to Play

L – has a lot of fun with the balancing bird and the many other birds she discovered around Gran’s home.

No Pictures

No Pictures – I wonder where she gets that from?

A Time to Garden....or play in pot of dirt on the patio, AKA balcony.

A Time to Garden….or play in pot of dirt on the patio, AKA balcony.

A Time to Garden

…..who cares what you call it as long as there is a pot of dirt and a garden spade ….you are bound to have fun!!

Grand - kids are the greatest..... they truly know how to "TAKE JOY" in every moment!!

Grand – kids are the greatest….. they truly know how to “TAKE JOY” in every moment!!

A time to patio garden

OH, there are birds out here too!!

...and a bird cage with magnetic birds...what great fun!!

…and a bird-cage with magnetic birds…what great fun!!

If you would like to see more of the toys I make (like the chocolate felt bunny in the top picture), that are inspired by my Grand – Kids, stop by my etsy shop – Natural toy land  section:


If you would like to know more about Tasha Tudor, stop by her family’s web site:


Tuesday with Tasha Tudor ~ Toys


Tasha's antique pull toy

Old fashion pull toy. “When I was a child we cherished our toys, because we couldn’t get another one if one of them broke”.  – Tasha Tudor ‘ From Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts’ by Tovah Martin and Richard Brown

Etsy Fall autumn sale elegantlyhandmade etsy worldpress.com Fall Decor Handmade toys Candy Corn Man Autumn of my soul

The Candy Corn Man……

The candy corn man is available here:


Mariah Quack Quack - A lot of my toys are inspired by my grandchildren.

Meet “Mariah Quack – Quack”.  I find inspiration for a lot of my toys from my collection of vintage patterns and also from my grandchildren. I prefer to use quality materials so that my toys will become heirloom, for both my grandchildren and yours.



Felt Easter Bunny toy

Felt Chocolate Organic Easter Bunny Toy / Decor

My daughters and I also enjoy arranging these bunnies around our homes for spring/ Easter decor. I make them with varying embroidery designs on the body.


Tasha's Handmade goat

      “You should see my goat,” Tasha says with undisguised pride “She’s got a fine form, a nice straight back , and a very pliable udder. Furthermore, she gets into no mischief.”  From the book ‘Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts’.

Handmade toys

 A few of my handmade toys are available in my shop:


~ My hand crafted  BABUSHKA FELT DOLL:




Tasha never truly left childhood and its winged dreams behind. If you try to discover her fountain of youth, she calmly explains that her imagination never faded. Her favorite injunction …..  “Use your imagination”.

As I create toys I feel Tasha’s inspiration.

Tasha Tudor's Handmade toys

Tasha’s Hand made wool yarn pom-pom Rabbits. I would love to try my hand at making some wool yarn pom-pom toys……. someday!! “I just sculpt the yarn….., there’s nothing to it really” Tasha insist.     Hmmm, I hope it’s that easy.

Hmmm, I wonder if it would really be that easy for the rest of us!

Tasha Tudor's Hand made toys

Tasha with her hand crafted owls – From the book “Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts”. Tasha looks so content with her toys. 🙂

May handmade Organic Star baby.

My handmade Organic Star baby is  inspired from a vintage pattern. I first made star baby for my granddaughter, Annaliese for her first birthday.


Tasha's Marionettes

Thackeray’s Rose and the Ring. ” We made over forty Marionettes for that one play”. T.T – Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts – by Tovah Martin and Richard Brown

I do get a lot of inspiration from Tasha’s life style and from the books I have about her – such as “Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom crafts” and  “The private world of Tasha Tudor” .

Many of my toys that I shared with you today are available in my AFTCRA shop.


I hope you have a fun day!!

~ Take Joy, Melissa

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Tuesday with Tasha Tudor ~ Shawls


Tasha Tudor wearing her hand- knit shawl in the herb garden!

Tasha Tudor wearing her hand –  knit shawl in the herb garden! I find her shawl inspiring as well as her bay tree!!

Many of us take delight in escaping into Tasha’s world, through the many books about Tasha and her creative life. We can’t help but notice the lovely, cozy warm grey hand-knit shawl, that we so often see her wearing over her shoulders ~ in  the kitchen, while stirring up some delectable dish, in the garden while picking some fresh bay leaves, in her flower garden whilst eradicating those pesky weeds, in the barn while milking her goats……..


Tasha Tudors shawl

Tasha wearing her hand-knit grey shawl in the barn

Tasha Tudor sitting by the fire wearing her hand knit shawl holding a corgi puppyTasha Tudor sitting by the fire wearing her hand knit shawl holding a corgi puppyTasha Tudor sitting by the fire wearing her hand knit shawl holding a corgi puppy

Tasha Tudor sitting by the fire wearing her hand knit shawl holding a corgi puppy




Tasha Tudor style hand- knit shawl

My design for a Tasha Tudor style “Cottage Elegance” shawl.    I like this picture of Tasha  wearing her shawl  while knitting. Found in the book ‘Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts’ by Tovah Martin and Richard Brown        ~Another favorite picture is of Tasha sipping tea standing at her green house window. This picture is found in the book  “Forever Christmas”    by Harry Davis


Tasha Tudor Style Hand-Knit Shawl

“Cottage Elegance ” Hand-Knit shoulder shawl! There are many version of the Tasha Tudor style hand-knit shawl. This is one of my designs . I have knit it up in a soft cotton yarn which best suites me, since I live in Florida in the winter.

I have noticed in my  many books about Tasha Tudor, that she is wearing a shawl quite often ~ almost year round. She is wearing her shawl as she goes about her task of the day — from the barn, to the garden, to the kitchen. If you have ever visited Vermont you would understand why…. Tasha states  ” I believe in keeping warm”!

Etsy shop Tasha Tudor Shawl Birthday Tuesday celebration tea time knitting tutorial Tasha Tudor Christmas Red Hand Knit Shawl Knitting instructions Forever Christmas Red Tasha Tudor Shawl Pattern Irish Cottage style knitting cottage style shawl

Knitting…knitting…. knitting along……. I do find this type of knitting to be very relaxing. Maybe I’ll get to keep this one 😉

***By popular request****

I am working  on releasing the pattern for both of my Tasha Tudor style cottage shawls with a couple of special features and bonuses ~ in true Tasha Tudor style.


My Pattern Tasha Tudor Style ” Cottage Elegance Kindred spirit Shawl”, is now available for purchase – in my etsy shop!

Within my pattern I share with you the story of I came to knit my  “Cottage Elegance shawl” including the instruction for knitting your very own grey wool “Kindred Spirit Shawl” with the  bonus  instructions for knitting my  “Cottage Elegance Cotton shawl”-  in two variations, as previously featured on my blog. I share with you how you can achieve varying looks with your shawl”s by the simple choice of yarns.

Within my story pattern I share with you, what yarn I  use and  the best size needles to use.  I also share with you a  pattern for “The Man about the Cottage Scarf,” A men, women even teenagers and children. The scarf  is a wonderful layer to your shawl on very cold northern days!!

I also share many suggestions for using left over yarn ~ such as a China doll  size  Cottage shawl,to match yours. A pattern for hand warmer to match your scarf or shawl.




Tasha Tudor style shawl pattern Fall Autumn Sale Shawl for sale Etsy fall autumn sale Elegantlyhandmade.wordpress.com

A peaceful, calm knitting…. perfect that cozy autumnal night.




Cottage Elegance by Melissa Kindred spirit take joy take peace hand knit Tasha Tudor style hadnknit pdf pattern prairie shawl pattern farmhouses shawl pattern ターシャ·テューダースタイルハンドニットショールパターン Tāsha· te~yūdāsutairuhandonittoshōrupatān

“Cottage Elegance Cotton Shawl”




I have sold a “Cottage Elegance Cotton Shawl”   and a grey “Kindred Spirit Shawl” of  Vermont wool and mohair yarn, to a happy kindred spirit in Japan:

*From a happy customer in Japan**
“What a craftsmanship! Thank you so much for such beautiful works!”
“Such a lovely item and very warm too. I really love it, thank you so much!”

Have a cozy day!!

~ Take Joy, Melissa


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