Afternoon Tea with Tasha Tudor at the Museum

Afternoon Tea with Tasha Tudor Museum Exhibit


Tasha Tudor Museum exhibit Afternoon Tea with Tasha Tudor antiques recipes Tasha Tudor handmade from scratch clothing

As you step through the museum you enter in a part of Tasha’s world. A  tea-table is all set and ready for your arrival. So pour yourself a cup of Tasha Tudors Welsh breakfast tea and enjoy as I take you through the museum.

Tasha’s Welsh breakfast tea is available at the family’s webstore.

Tasha Tudors welsh breakfast tea Afternoon tea with Tasha tudor museum exhibit

Tasha Tudor’s welsh Breakfast tea.



Tasha Tudor Museum Afternoon Tea with Tasha Lavender lusterware Tea set Tasha Cookbook Tasha Tudor clothing handknit shawl pdf pattern

We  will our have tea today in a lovely lavender luster-ware tea set that was gifted to Amy Tudor (Winslow’s wife) by Tasha ( also known as granny). The tea-table is accent with Tasha’s own hand dipped bees-wax candles, blue seaweed stone ware canister and serving dishes. Tea is served upon a beautiful turkey red tablecloth and napkins.

Let’s not overlook those brownies, a recipe from Tasha’s nanny Dady, you can find the recipe in Tasha’s cookbook

Tasha Tudors simple Life old fashioned living Tasha Tudor Museum Afternoon Tea with Tasha

An example of Tasha’s old fashion copper pots and pans. You may have noticed that there is Tasha’s art work displayed throughout the exhibit.

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Tasha Tudor Tuesday, Tasha Tudor, Tasha Tudor shawl, Tasha Tudor Museum

A shawl just like Tasha’s…… If you would enjoy knitting your very own “Kindred Spirit” shawl, You can find the pattern I designed –  available in my etsy shop.

I feel so blessed to have been able to visit the Tasha Tudor Museum, so many times. I enjoy to sharing my visit with you! We can all help keep Tasha’s kindred spirit alive and well for future generations and for our pleasures too, by  going to the museum site and helping Amy in growing the museum.

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