A Doll for Bethany ~ The Beginning….

Today I would like to share with you the story of Bethany & Lucinda Tudor.

Doll Collectors Art Dolls Tasha Tudor hand crafted dolls Bethany Tudor

Bethany and her mom, Tasha Tudor, enjoying tea with their dolls ~                Emma and Lucinda. (sourced from the internet)

A Doll for Bethany Doll crafting art dolls Tasha Tudor hand crafted dolls doll collectors antique dolls

A Doll for Bethany – “Lucinda”.

Lucinda was loving handcrafted for Bethany when she was about fourteen, by her mother, Tasha Tudor. Tasha also hand stitched many of Lucinda clothing and accessories.

Lucinda Bethany Tudor handcrafted doll Tasha Tudor dolls doll collectors Tasha Tudors children cottage living cottage elegance elegantlyhandmade

Bethany shared that elegant Lucinda, has quite an ancestry.

Lucinda Tudor Bethany Tudor Tasha Tudor hand crafted dolls doll collectors antique dolls art dolls cottage elegance dolls elegnatlyhandmade

Bethany shared that Lucinda has quite an ancestry.

When Bethany was about fourteen her mom, Tasha Tudor first crafted a mold for the head of a doll that she was creating for a friend of Bethany. The doll named Alex was part of the wedding scene in the movie “The Golden Key”.  Bethany shared that her mom would make first make a head of sculped clay, this was left to dry. The sculpted head was then covered in plaster and after the plaster dried, Tasha would split the plaster in half -to use as a mold to pour the plastic wood to create a doll head.  After the Lucinda’s head was created in the same mold  using plastic wood, Tasha then hand stitched a body and carved the arms, hands, legs and feet of wood. And after adding eyes of glass……. with the magic of her paint brush Tasha artistically painted life-like facial details.

Tasha Tudors hand crafted dolls Bethany Tudor art dolls doll collector cottage dolls cottage elegance elegantlyhandmade A Doll for Bethany

Lucinda does still look very elegant for being about 60 + years old (shhh, don’t let her know I gave away her age) ….

Tasha Then created Lucinda for Bethany from the same mold and artistic crafting that she had used to make Alex.

Just look at Lucinda’s beautiful red hair…. Bethany shared that her mom had a special loom used for meticulous weaving of delicate animal hair into wigs.Then the wig is glued to the dolls head for hair!! And how realistic it does look. Tasha had such addition to detail. Has we shall further see……

Tasha Tudor hand crafted Dolls Tasha Tudor hand stitched doll clothing A Doll for Bethany Tudor Doll Collectors art dolls doll crafting Bethany Tudor Elegantly handmade cottage elegance

Lucinda’s lovingly fashioned wardrobe….

True to Tasha’s fantasy world of dolls, she hand stitched an elegant wardrobe for Bethany’s doll. Lucinda is wearing a daily chore kerchief on her head with a lovely calico print dress, with tiny button adorning the bodice and, of course an apron. In her wardrobe Lucinda has a lovely red print dress with little puff sleeves ~ I wonder what event she might find that befitting, maybe an afternoon stroll through the gardens.  Oh my, look at the edging on that petticoat ~ all set to show in true Tasha fashion…..

Lucindas petticoat Tasha Tudors handstitched doll clothing petticoats A Doll for Bethany Tasha Tudors handcrafted dolls Bethany Tudor cottage dolls

Oh Lucinda…..

Tasha stitches such pretty petticoats that she and Lucinda are quite proud to show them off ~ just as Tasha showed us her petticoat when I first met her 😉

Tasha Tudor Daughter Tasha Tudor dolls doll collecting doll collectors

Lovely Bethany and Lucinda……by Tasha!

I invite you to come back for another visit with me as I continue my story of  “A Doll for Bethany ~ Lucinda’s Wardrobe”.  You can find the second part of my story here:


And ” A Doll for Bethany ~ Lucinda’s New Friend”  ~  where I will introduce you to yet another type / style of Tasha Tudor dolls


I have designed and hand-knit a “Kindred Spirit – Cottage Elegance Shawl” in the true style of Tasha Tudor. and… we can’t forget ours dolls. You can find shawls for you and your doll – hand knit for you here :

Tasha Tudor style doll shawl Annabelle shawl hand made gifts PDF patterns collecting dolls the dolls Christmas Doll collecting

Tasha Tudor style doll shawl. Your doll would love wearing a custom knit Tasha Tudor style shawl.


Tasha Tudor style shawl cottage elegance knitting pattern elegantlyhandmade.etsy.com  Hand made  RUgged elegant shawl Autumn of my soul hand knitting fall autumn knitting Handmade in USA Christmas gifts

Tasha Tudor style ” Cottage Elegance Shawl.” hand – knit of Vermont wool and Mohair


Tasha Tudor Style kindred Spirit Shawl pattern for sale Tasha Tudor china dolls Knitting The dolls Christmas hand knit patterns PDF

Sally Anne ” How many more Tasha Tudor style shawls to we need to knit for our kindred spirits? My arms are getting tired. I think we should sell the pattern to those who would love to knit a kindred spirit shawl for them self or a friend”
I agree with Sally-Anne, and you can find the PDF pattern here:


We wish you a pleasant day knitting and playing with your dolls-

~Take  Joy ~ Melissa and my dolls




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Cozy Knitting Nook – New Friends!

Cottage Elegance Tasha Tudor style attire clothing living 100th birthday Cottage Living Vintage Cottage Living Vintage style Attire Vintage Living

Oh my, this looks like the perfect cozy, elegant cottage setting! The blue chair looks like the perfect spot to relax and loose one’s self in one of the many books on the shelves. I might would add a matching ottoman / foot stool to prop my feet on ( as I am short and my feet do not always reach the floor Lol ). Did you notice the two ivy plants trailing down from the mantle, aren’t they just lovely. Now I would move that wooded chair out , even though it’s pretty, I think I would prefer it in the dining room and add a lovely antique rocker in its place!  I can just smell the intoxicating aroma of the forced narcissus on the side table accented in the glow of the beeswax taper at its side. Such a beautiful little nook to sit and knit a Tasha Tudor style”Cottage Elegance Kindred Spirit Shawl” or maybe work on a bit of embroidery or other handwork. Please do have a seat and join me…….

Tasha Tudor style cottage shawl custom knitting instructions patterns Tasha Tudor 100th birthday Handmade from scratch tasha tudor lifestyle crafts hand work knitting gifts old fashioned style modern style shawl Vintage style Attire Living Handwork Elegant Cottage Living Style Decorating

Here I  am, nice and cozy in one of my custom knit ~ Tasha Tudor style-“Cottage Elegance Kindred Spirit Shawls”. I knit my kindred spirit shawl a in a lovely shade of grey Vermont wool yarn.  I will share with you in the pattern where I purchase my yarn.


My  PDF Pattern for my Tasha Tudor Style ” Cottage Elegance Kindred  Spirit Shawl”, is now available for purchase – in my etsy shop!


In my pattern I share with you the story of my shawl along with instruction for knitting your very Tasha Tudor Style grey  wool “Kindred Spirit Shawl”, with the bonus  instructions for knitting my  “Cottage Elegance Cotton shawl”- as previously featured on my blog. Within my story pattern I share with you, what yarn I  use and  the best size needles to use.  Plus my “Cottage Elegance Scarf” pattern, that works great for layering with your Shawl, many suggestions for using left over yarn!


You may enjoy viewing my new post – Old~January 2016



Oh, Gran your shawl is so soft (as she is rubbing it on her face), can you teach me how to knit one - in purple!! Well, of coarse I will!

Oh, Gran your shawl is so soft (as she is rubbing it on her face), will you teach me how to knit one – in purple!!
Well, of course I will!

Tasha Tudor Style Cottage Shawl Pattern instructions 100th birthday homemade from scratch Knitting wool Cozy rocking chair relaxing knitting Mothers day Summer knitting

A nice cozy corner of my home where I sit and knit. I have a couple cozy corners where I knit my Tasha Tudor style cottage shawls and work on my many other hand work projects. 

Do you have favorite little nooks that you have created and arranged in your home, just for you, where you can relax and take in the beauty around you…. looking out a window, a favorite picture or vignette ?!?

Tasha Tudor daughter Bethany Tasha Tudor Kindred Spirit Shawl Tudor China Doll Tasha Tudor pattern cottage elegance Doll collectors

Here I am with my new friends, Bethany Tudor – Tasha Tudors daughter, and my new china doll, Sally-Anne Tudor. I adopted Sally-Anne while traveling in Vermont. Sally-Anne has started on quite an adventure…….


Tasha Tudor Dolls Tasha Tudor daughter Bethany Cottage Elegance Tasha Tudor style Kindred spirit shawl Doll collectors

Sally-Anne was delighted to make friends with Bethany’s doll, Lucinda.
Lucinda was lovingly handcrafted for Bethany by her mom ~ Tasha Tudor.

Bethany and Lucinda have had the pleasure of meeting many Kindred Spirits.

Tasha Tudor dolls Tasha Tudors doll house doll collecting Cottage elegance cottage dolls doll accessories hand knit tasha tudor style wool doll shawl

My doll family continues to grow ~ as long-lost relatives reunite 🙂 The girls got busy right away with their special bamboo and rosewood needles, helping to knit some doll shawls to put our little etsy boutique / shop……

I have a limited number of my 100 % wool from Vermont, hand knit doll shawls available in two sizes – in my etsy shop:



Tasha Tudor Style kindred Spirit Shawl pattern for sale Tasha Tudor china dolls Knitting

Sally-Anne:  ” How many more Tasha Tudor style shawls do we need to knit for our kindred spirit friends? My arms are getting tired. I think we should sell the pattern to those who would love to knit a kindred spirit shawl for themselves”.

Indeed, I agree with Sally-Anne!!  The pattern is now ready for purchase here;


Please visit my blog post where I share Kindred Spirit stories.  https://elegantlyhandmade.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=3344&action=edit


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