Happy 99th Birthday Tasha Tudor ~ Memories

I find many moments in my days where I think of Tasha Tudor and how much we have in common ~ as many of us kindred spirits do!

I first became acquainted with Tasha Tudor in the early 1990’s,  through two of my favorite magazine ( the kindred spirit connection begins), Victoria magazine and herb companion magazine. Just after this introduction, my daughter read, in the locale newspaper, that Tasha was going to be giving a presentation at the Opryland hotel in Nashville Tn, at he heart of the country antique show – now anyone who knows Tasha knows  her love of antiques and that she attended this show regular. So tickets were purchased and a short one hours drive to Nashville and my interest in Tasha was firmly grounded . The presentation was wonderful, Tasha was a delight to listen to and to watch draw. She spoke so eloquently and I love her tact and creative way she answered questions ( some I never would have the nerve to ask). She did indeed, lift up her skirt and show us her petticoat!! She drew several pencil drawing while speaking – a gander, owl etc that was auctioned at the end of the presentation. My daughter and I hurried off to the gift room to make our purchases before the long, one hour drive home. 😉 We were not the only ones who hurried in to the gift ~ Tasha and Seth came shortly after us to her set up for signing books. We did get to accidental ~ ease drop on some business that she and Seth ( I now know who he was – I did not at the time) were discussing before they realized we were there!

I thought today I would share some from my past blog post for your Tasha Tudor birthday celebration enjoyment.

I have been able to experience the joy of three visit to the Tasha Tudor Museum. I created a blog post and photo’s of the first two. I was given permission by Amy and Natalie to take and post the picture. (Please do not remove from my site with out my permission.)

Tasha Tudor day Tasha Tudor Birthday Museum exhibit afternoon Tea Unending Delight Tasha Tudor life style living Dolls from scratch hand made life

Afternoon Tea with Tasha at the T.T. Museum. You can find this post here:
https://elegantlyhandmade.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/afternoon-tea-with-tasha-tudor-at-the-museum/  As you sip your Tasha Tudor Tea you can enjoy a slide joy I made of the above visit with even more pictures here:


The next and very delightful visit I had at the museum was the exhibit ~  Unending Delight Tasha’s world of Dolls!! You can view my post here:

Tasha Tudor Day Birtheday celebration museum exhibit Unending Delight tashas world of dolls afternoon Tea with Tasha Tasah Cottage Style shawl

Daisy Brownthrush ~ a doll Tasha made for her Granddaughter, Jen Tudor Wyman.


 Tasha Tudor Day Tueadsay Museum exhibts Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration, Tasha Tudor Museum

Unending Delight: Tasha’s world of Dolls.

I did get to visit the museum this year while traveling and hope to share that visit with you soon!!

Tasha Tudor shawl tutorial birthday Tasha Tudor day Tuesday cottage shawl Irish style knitting

Now wouldn’t it be just wonderful to have your very own Tasha Tudor style Cottage shawl?? Would you like to learn how to knit a “Kindred Spirit” shawl for yourself??


Etsy shop Tasha Tudor Shawl Birthday Tuesday celebration tea time knitting tutorial

You can order a shawl hand-knit especially for you in my etsy shop here.https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElegantlyHandmade?ref=hdr_shop_menu

If you would enjoy learning how to knit a  Tasha Tudor Style Cottage Elegance shawl for yourself, you can find my pattern in my etsy shop.

~ Here you will find the listing for my PDF pattern, to knit your won Tasha Tudor style shawl:    https://www.etsy.com/listing/236659762/pdf-cottage-elegance-kindred-spirit?ref=listing-shop-header-1





~ My hand-knit  Tasha Tudor style COTTAGE ELEGANCE COTTON shawl, available here:



I hope you have a joyful, peaceful day, filled with lovely Tasha  memories!

Take Joy ~ Melissa

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Irish Cottage Style Knitting with Tasha Tudor

Cottage Elegance Irish Cottage knitting Tasha Tudor style attire clothing living 100th birthday Cottage Living Vintage Cottage Living Vintage style Attire Vintage Living

Oh my, this looks like a perfectly elegant, cozy  Irish cottage setting! Please do have a seat and make yourself comfortable.

Photograph by Richard Brown.

Photograph by Richard Brown.

I do wish I could have sat by the hearth, on cool winter evening knitting with Tasha ~ watching her style …how she held her needles…how fast she knit …. just how many projects she has on the needles at one time…listening as she shared her wisdom and knitting experience. I did get to talk to someone very special about Tasha’s shawl and many other insights into Tasha’s life.

Tasha Tudor Tuesdays Tasha Tudor Birthday one hundred Itrish Cottage style knitting instrctions pictorial Cottage elegance Kindred Spirit shawl Knitting with Tasha Tudor Tasha Tudor style shawl knitting tutorial Irish Cottage style knitting Cottage shawl

O’Connor Irish Cottage Style Knitting  I : Now that you are comfortable let me show you how I how I hold my yarn….

First  ~ We will  bring the yarn across your small/ pinkie finger ~ just once ( sorry that looks like twice I do not know where that top yarn came from), the yarn really does not stay there after you get your yarn placed, and start knitting.
Second ~ you then bring the yarn to the top between your ring finger and middle finger. and back down between your small/pinkie finger
Third picture ~ bring the yarn to the back and across the back your ring and middle finger and up to he top, between your middle finger and index/pointer finger.
I have included a video from my Vimeo account (at the bottom of the post), ~ A new up-dated video coming soon! I hope will help ~ I am working on my production skills, so please excuse some of the focusing and back ground noises. If you have any question please leave a comment.

Irish cottage style knitting Knitting instructions tutorial pictures Irish cottage style shawl

O’Connor’s Irish Cottage Style Knitting II :

Next, we bring the yarn across your ring finger and down (to the back of your hand) between your ring finger and your pink / small finger

Irish cottage style knitting Cottage Elegance tutorial instructions Irish Cottage style shawl pattern hand Knit shawl Tasha Tudor fashions life style Attire Hand made from scratch life Knitting methods tutorial cottage eleganc Kindred spirit shawl knitting

Third  ~ bring the yarn to the back (this is the yarn at the top in the picture) and across the back your ring and middle finger and up to he top, between your middle finger and index/pointer finger. When your knit the index finger of course does a lot of the work and your thumb keeps your knitted fabric moving along. Since your yarn is coming between the index finger and the middle this will naturally be where your tension is controlled – naturally, you should not have to squeeze your fingers together,  you will achieve a natural  occurring tension as you become more comfortable with this style of knitting.
I have included a video from my Vimeo account  ~ A new up-dated video coming soon!


If you have any question please leave a comment. Follow my blog so you get notification of new post with about Tasha adventures~ seeking Kindred Spirits! I will be looking even closer at Tasha’s shawls  and have some insights from a very special friend. I will up-date you on the progress of my shawl pattern.

Knitting Tasha Tudor.

I do wonder what Tasha is knitting ~ in this nice cozy looking picture???  Maybe another grey shawl? The grey shawl appears to be her everyday work shawl ~ so we would certainly need several on hand. I always have a “Kindred Spirit” or “Cottage Elegance” shawl on the needles. I find this type of knitting to be a calming knit.

Tasha Tudor Christmas Red Hand Knit cottage shawl Tasha Tudor Tuesday Birthday hand knit shawls tutorial instructions patterns

Here is the current Tasha Tudor style cottage shawl that I am working on. I do seem to always have one in progress because of the many kindred spirits who request for me to custom knit a shawl, just for them!

It is a bit hard to keep up with knitting for my gran-babies, daughters and my shop. So by popular request I have decided to offer my PATTERN FOR SALE, so that my friends can knit  a “Kindred Spirit” “Cottage Elegance” Tasha Tudor style shawl of their own.

My shawl pattern will include my  “Kindred Spirit” Tasha Tudor style grey wool shawl, with added bonus of  my  “Cottage Elegance Cotton Shawl” – as previously featured on my blog. Along with a few extras.

My PDF / DIGITAL PATTERN  is – indeed ready for purchase and available for purchase in my etsy shop:


You can custom order a shawl in my AFTCRA shop

Quite often I have shawl off the needles and ready to ship








*Would you like to take a closer look at Tasha Tudor’s Shawls?


*Please join me on my visit to the Tasha Tudor museum, Unending Delight, Tasha’s World of Dolls here:


*Join me on my delightful visit to the Museum’s exhibit: Afternoon Tea with Tasha Here:


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Forever Christmas ~ in July….

Christmas in July Hand made Christmas Hand knit dish cloths Sinterklaas, St Nickolas, Christmas, Advent with Tasha Tudor

Merry Christmas – in July. Have you started your working on your handmade Christmas gifts?

The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

What better way to give a portion of thyself than in a well thought out meaningful and useful gift. And now is the perfect time to start making a list of the love ones and friends you would like to delight with a lovely handmade gift.

Hand made Christmas, knitting with Tasha Tudor, Forever Christmas Gifts, Old fashioned Christmas Gifts,

Like Tasha , I also work on my gift’s throughout the year! so I’m not quite so rushed as Christmas approaches.

Then we are not quite so rushed as Christmas approaches.

Old fashioned Christmas Gifts making with Tasha Tudor, Forever Christmas, Advent, St Nickolas

A little added touch to round out the theme of a gift is to include something purchased. Maybe a bar of soap, some hand lotion or for the kitchen maybe a wooden utensil.

I do however like to add some finishing touches,  when I’m making the finial decision of who ~ gets ~ what, it adds to the festive Christmas feel. Here is a picture of some of the types of cloths I hand knit  with the addition of some purchased, specialty bars of soap.  You could always make your own soap, have you ever made soap? I have not ~ yet!!

The many color and designs of my Hand knit face and dish cloths. There are many cotton yarns available out there some are very good and hold up well, and there are some "I do not love"

The many color and designs of my Hand knit  cloths.

There are many cotton yarns available out there, some are very good and hold up well. It is nice to keep some hand-knit cloths on hand for when you need an unexpected gift ~ such as guest bath set, they also make really nice gift set when paired with a wooden spoon, spatulas, candles or lovely decorative soaps.

Hand knitted cloths tutorials

My lovely clothes have many more uses than just face and dish cloths. 

Hand – knit cloths also make good candle mats, coaster, napkins, pot holders and hot pads. All you need to do to change the size of your cloth and it’s thickness by simply changing the size of your needles and the number of stitches you cast on.

 Tutorial for Basic hand knit dish cloth, pot holder, candle mat, napkin

Here is a rather basic  but pretty cloth.

You can also get differing effects depending on the color of yarn you use especially with the variegated yarns, like the ones pictured above.

Etsy shop Tasha Tudor Shawl Birthday Tuesday celebration tea time knitting tutorial

Tasha Tudor style Cottage Shawls, such as my “Kindred Spirit” Vermont wool and Mohair and “Cottage Elegance”  cotton shawls also make lovely gifts !!

I do believe the best gifts are handmade gifts and a gift  that a person will actually use. I have gifted my hand-knit cloths and shawls to many throughout the years and to see them in use in their homes for many years to come!!

***You can now PURCHASE My  PATTERN  to knit your very own –  Tasha Tudor style “Kindred Spirit” and “Cottage Elegance Cotton” Shawls Here:


Tasha Tudor shawl sale elegantlyhandmade.etsy.com Mothers day hand made gift sale fall hand knitting PDF pattern Autumn of my soul autumn knitting

PDF Pattern – To knit your own shawl in Two styles, Cottage scarf and hand-warmers Plus many tips – Doll shawl etc

You can custom order a shawl – Hand-knit for your, Here:


Tasha Tudor style shawl cottage elegance knitting pattern elegantlyhandmade.etsy.com Autumn of my soul hand knitting fall autumn knitting Handmade in USA  Christmas gifts

Tasha Tudor style ” Cottage Elegance Shawl.” hand – knit of Vermont wool and Mohair

 A hand knit Cotton C”Cottage Elegance” Shawl, Here:


Tasha Tudor style cottage elegance kindred spirit cotton shawl hand knit wool shawl PDF pattern Forever Christmas Red Wool Cottage scarf and hand warmers elegantlyhandmade.wordpress.com

Here you see a little bit longer version of my “Cottage Elegance Cotton Shawl”


All Content of this blog under copyright to 2013 – 2016 By Melissa O’Connor

A Shawl ~ From Vermont

Tasha Tudor Museum, Tasha Tudor Tuesday, Tasha Tudor, Tasha Tudor Hand knit Shawl, Vermont tourism, Vermont sheep farms, wool

Tasha Tudor Museum ~ 2013 Unending Delight

Tasha Tudor Museum, Tasha Tudor Tuesday, Tasha Tudor, Tasha Tudor Hand knit Shawl, Vermont tourism, Vermont sheep farms, wool

2013 Exhibit at the Tasha Tudor Museum

while in Vermont this summer / fall we went to one of our regular stops, actually two ~ first was the Tasha Tudor Museum in Brattleboro and the second ~  A lovely sheep farm where I spied some beautiful light grey yarn, that was available this year.  I just knew I had to have some to knit My Cottage Elegance “Kindred Spirit Wool Shawl”  in the exact shade of Tasha’s shawl!!!

And what a perfect knitting project while traveling ~ so easy I can knit while riding (not driving) a long taking in the beautiful autumnal scenery of Vermont.

Sheep in field Vermont New England Travels North East Kingdom of Vermont Rugged sturdy functional fall autumnal knitting patterns USA handmade s=hand knit shawls

Vermont – very loved, well cared for sheep. In my PDF pattern, I share with you were you can purchase your yarn from a USA, Vermont spinnery.

Have you been working on a knitting project ? I have been working on another Tasha  Style Shawl!  I love this style of shawl and have a better understanding of why Tasha appeared to be wearing one so often. The mornings and evening in Vermont have a breath of chilliness  (even in summer and fall) and this style of  shawl , hand knit of wool or cotton, is just the right amount of warmth needed. What I really love about this shawl is its sturdy, functional elegance!!


Tasha Tudor Museum, Tasha Tudor Tuesday, Tasha Tudor, Tasha Tudor Hand knit Shawl, Vermont tourism, Vermont sheep farms, wool

Tasha wearing her shawl while knitting, from the cover of the “T.T. Museum newsletter”.



The cool crisp autumnal air and colors in Vermont just invite you to knit….

Fall in Vermont, Autumnal color of Vermont

I love the deep fall color of burnt orange, which inspired me to knit my burnt orange cowl ~ available in my etsy shop!


….while in Vermont one must knit a Tasha Style shawl!!  So grab your knitting needles, a cup of tea and join me in a video tour ~ I made of my visit to the T.T. Museum



My Pattern Tasha Style ” Cottage Elegance Cotton Shawl” and “Kindred Spirit Wool Shawl” is now available for purchase in my etsy shop:

In my pattern I share with you the story of my shawl with instruction for knitting your very Tasha Style grey  wool “Kindred Spirit Shawl” with the added bonus of the instructions for knitting my  “Cottage Elegance Cotton shawl”- as previously featured on my blog. With in my story pattern I share with you, what yarn I  use and  the best size needles to use. Plus more.




Tasha Tudor Tuesday, Tasha Tudor, Tasha Tudor shawl, Tasha Tudor Museum

If you would like to knit a shawl just like our Kindred Spirit, Tasha wore? You can find out where to purchase the pattern – above.

Tasha Tudor dolls Tasha Tudors doll house doll collecting Cottage elegance cottage dolls doll accessories hand knit tasha tudor style wool doll shawl

My doll family continues to grow as long-lost relatives reunite 🙂 They girls have all been quite busy knitting doll shawls to put in our etsy boutique / shop.

We have a limited number of shawls available in our shop here:

Large China Doll Shawl:


Small china doll SHAWL:




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Tuesdays with Tasha Tudor; Tasha’s shawls – A closer look!

Tasha Tudo'rs hand knit shwla

Tasha ~wearing her shawl~  while baking!! Take a close look at the edge!


I have often thought ~ that upon closer look, the grey shawl that we so very often see Tasha Tudor wearing, does not have the yarn over lace edging that so many kindred spirits use for knitting their Tasha style shawl . This type of edging can be quite annoying when it catches on things ~ especially when going about your daily task in the kitchen, garden or even the barn.

Tasha Tudor old fashion handknit shawl Tasha Tudor knitting

Photograph by Richard Brown.

So I designed and knit a shawl that I believe looks a lot more like Tasha’s. I think Tasha would agree  – do you not??   I have recently found out from Tasha’s daughter, Bethany that my shawl is in fact  just like Tasha’s and that her Mom’s grey shawl did not have the yarn over lace edging.

Slow living mindful living homesteading hand knit shawl pdf pattern Tasha Tudors shawls pattern tutorial sale From Scratch Tasha Tudor Handmade life heirloom crafts spinning weaving

The Private World of Tasha Tudor ~ By Richard Brown

What a delightful friend I have made in her (Tasha’s daughter). Follow my blog so you will receive email notice when I share new post about when I  meet her, along with my many adventures at the T.T. museum and around the town of Marlboro – where I discovered that the shop owners did , indeed know Tasha and she was a  frequent customer of theirs ~ Tasha and her chicken!!

Hand knit Tasha Tudor shawl and patterns pdf shawl pattern tasha tudors shawls a closer look.

Tasha wearing her hand knit shawl while carrying kindling. Tasha Does make the task look so elegant, while wearing her shawl, neck and head kerchiefs.
Photo from the book – ‘The Private World of Tasha Tudor’ By Richard Brown

Tasha’s daughter has also shared with me many of her fond memories of her childhood, along with some wonderful insights about her Mom – Tasha’s shawls.

 Tasha Tudor Style Hygge Shawl Birthday Tuesday celebration tea time knitting tutorial Tasha Tudor Christmas Valentines Red Hand Knit Tasha Tudor Hygge Shawl Pattern PDF Etsy Shop Irish Cottage style knitting cottage style shawl

You can order a shawl handknit especially for you!         Available  in my etsy shop  – Links at the bottom of this post.

I like the red shawls, too!! I get enjoyment out of naming them – ” Forever Christmas Red”,  or “A Brighter Garden”.     It’s like wearing a warm Cozy (Hygge) Christmas feeling throughout the year !

Tasha Tudor Hygge style cottage elegance kindred spirit cotton shawl hand knit wool shawl PDF pattern Forever Christmas Red Wool Cottage scarf and hand warmers elegantlyhandmade.wordpress.com

Here you see a little bit longer version of my “Cottage Elegance Cotton Shawl”

I know you will ” Take Joy” in knitting your very own Tasha style shawl ?

How beautiful this world is…….. ~ Tasha Tudor

I take Joy in the many new Kindred Spirit friends I see visiting my blog. I invite you to please follow along and share with me – the shawls or socks you have knit for yourself. Maybe you like gardening – I would love to hear about and see what you grow! Do you raise chickens? I use to when my girl’s where at home – I have a few chicken stories I should share sometime. Do you have a pet corgi or birds as Tasha. My middle daughter has a corgi – Jake Bones, I have a Yorkshire Terrier, Lady Mitzy, I call her” little girl” and she responds to that too. !


Autumn, Fall Tasha Tudor Kindred Spirit cottage elegance hand knit shawl pattern woo birthday November brings Tasha Tudor Tuesday, Anne of Green Gables shawl, Jane Austen Shawl, Little Women Shawl, P.E.I. Shawl, Fall Thanksgiving Autumn with Tasha Tudor, Tasha Tudor shawl " Around the year by Tasha Tudor books

I started knitting this T.T. style shawl after I purchased the wool yarn that had been spun from sheep in Vermont (Tasha Tudor’s home state). I actually enjoy knitting throughout the year. I find knitting to be relaxing, especially when it’s the type of knitting used to knit your Tasha Tudor style”Cottage Elegance” “Kindred Spirit” (Grey) and “Cottage Elegance Cotton” (red) shawls. I seem to always have one on the needles

I invite you join a long with me in knitting our very own “Cottage Elegance” hand – Knits. Elegant yet functional, sturdy – classic – calming knits.

Tasha Tudor Hygge shawl PDF Pattern birthday Tasha Tudor day Tuesday cottage shawl Irish cottage style knitting

Tasha Tudor style shawl pattern Fall Autumn Sale Shawl for sale Etsy fall autumn sale Elegantlyhandmade.wordpress.com

A peaceful, calm knitting….

 Oct 2, 2016 Review from a happy customer

5 out of 5 stars *****

 From Angela

Adorable, love it, will be one of my first projects after scarves, can’t wait to make it, excellent seller, highly recommended, will buy more patterns from, thank you!


************PDF PATTERN AND SHAWLS FOR SALE***************

My digital PDF pattern is only available on etsy, as aftcra does not yet offer digital

~ Here you will find My PDF Pattern to knit your own Tasha Tudor style shawl:   https://www.etsy.com/listing/236659762/pdf-cottage-elegance-kindred-spirit?ref=listing-shop-header-1


*************AFTCRA ********************

You can find custom knit shawls on my other venue/ boutique – selling site – AFTCRA



~  My Hand knit COTTON Tasha Tudor style shawl, available here:





Knitting TashaTtudor Style shawl

Tasha style hand knit shawl  ~ in progress…

This is such a meditative relaxing knit…… I seemed to always have one on my needles!

Tasha Tudor wearing her hand knit shawl while quilting!

Tasha Tudor wearing her hand knit shawl while quilting – by hand!



Sheep of Vermont Autumnal feel of New England states Tasha Tudors Vermont traveling in vermont North east Kingdom of Vermont

Yarn in progress!

I would like to introduce you to a few of the very happy, healthy sheep that love living in Vermont!

They enthusiastically come running at the milking hour in anticipation of the delicious treat awaiting them at the milking stand. And they are equally delighted and relieved to share their wool with us.

 Vermont wool Sheep North East Kingdom Vermont New England States

Lovely Vermont wool….I spy white, brown and even grey yarn! Do you see the grey yarn?

Tasha Tudor style Hygee shawl cottage elegance knitting PDF elegantlyhandmade.etsy.com Hand made home life Rugged sturdy elegant shawl Autumn of my soul hand knitting Handmade in USA

Tasha Tudor style ” Cottage Elegance Shawl.” hand – knit of Vermont wool and Mohair

Custom knit shawl available in my AFTCRA SHOP:


Tasha Tudor style Handknit Cottage Elegance Kindred spirit shawl Hand knit by melissa AFTCR.com/elegantlyhandmade

Emily in her hand stitched gown, wearing her custom hand knit Tasha Tudor style shawl that her mom ha custom knit for her.

Tasha Tudor shawl sale elegantlyhandmade.etsy.com Mothers day hand made gift sale fall hand knitting PDF pattern Autumn of my soul autumn knitting Functional rugged classic colonial knits

PDF Pattern – To knit your own shawl in Two styles, Cottage scarf and hand-warmers Plus many tips – Doll shawl etc

PDF Pattern – To knit your own shawl in Two styles, Cottage scarf with matching hand-warmers Plus many tips for knitting Doll shawl etc…

Available in my shop here :                                                             https://www.etsy.com/listing/236659762/pdf-hand-knit-pdf-patterns-cottage?ref=shop_home_active_1


Tasha Tudor style Hand knit red cotton shawl, hand knit triangle shawl http://www.tashatudormuseum.org/

“Cottage Elegance Cotton Shawl” At a customers request I designed this shawl with the addition of a button loop and decorative brass button.

You can custom order “Cottage Elegance Cotton Shawl” Here:


You can take a closer look at the Tasha wearing her shawls in the many books about her Such as:

“Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts” by Tovah Martin and Richard Brown.

“Tasha Tudor’s Garden” by Richard Brown

“The Private World of Tasha Tudor’ by Richard Brown. ‘Tasha Tudor’s Garden’ by Richard Brown.



UPDATE : My burgundy shawl sold to a happy kindred spirit in Japan:

**From a happy customer in Japan**
“What a craftsmanship! Thank you so much for such beautiful works!”
She also purchased the wool Tasha Style shawl.
“Such a lovely item and very warm too. I really love it, thank you so much!”
You can find the wool Tasha Style shawl here:


From yet another Kindred Spirit in Pennsylvania!!

She was so delighted that her children had purchased one of my grey Vermont wool shawls for her (their Mom) as a Christmas gift. I was happily ~ surprised with a phone call from her ” I love my Tasha Tudor ~cottage style~ shawl. I love the wool it’s so soft and still contains a soft lovely scent of lanolin and I love that the wool is grey and came from Vermont where Tasha lived ”

Happy knitting. Please follow my blog so you will receive notification when I make new post. If you have any questions please leave a comment  ~  I would dearly love to hear from you !

Please enjoy some of my other post, here;


Here you will find a delightful story about Tasha Tudor’s Daughter Bethany and the doll Tasha made for Bethany.                                                                            https://elegantlyhandmade.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/a-doll-for-bethany-the-beginning




Thank you for stopping by, please do have a beautiful day!

Take Joy


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