Janeite in Training

Janeite in Training

Janeite in Training

My three year old Granddaughter “reading” her Mommy’s Birthday gift from me.

If she follows on the reading path of her Gran(me), her mommy and aunts, she too will be a Jane fan. It’s getting difficult to find books we do not already have-that’s alright we can just read the ones we have again & again-right??


Harvest Foods In My Kitchen

Harvest Fruits & Vegetables

Harvest Grapes in one of my favorite pumpkin bowls, I enjoy changing my home decor for the different seasons and holidays. Here you find  some of my handmade  autumn and seasonal accessories, available in my etsy shop  http://www.etsy.com/shop/ElegantlyHandmade?ref=si_shop

Sunday Dinner In My Harvest Kitchen

Sunday Dinner ready to eat – come and get!!

From today’s menu we have are serving up some:

Tasty Tangy coleslaw

Made with some 1 small head of finely shredded cabbage, 1-2 carrots and 1/4 – 1/2 finely minced spinach, dressed with

apple cider vinegar, dash of agave or other sweeter, celery seed, salt and pepper. Variations; sometimes I add diced baby bell peppers, poultry seasoning. This freeze really well. Just thaw and eat!

Snapped Green Beans ready for steaming

Snapped Green Beans ready for steaming 

Chopped Yellow Squash & Green Beans
 Yellow Squash to saute.                                    I saute the yellow squash in a skillet with some coconut and or olive oil, when tender I add some onion flakes. I steam the green beans and when they are both finished. I mix them together (sometimes) first I mix together a dressing of olive oil and a  seasoning called Tuscan sunset – by Penzeys, it basically an Italian seasoning that is light enough on the garlic for my taste. Then I toss in the veggies and mix together.

Beautiful Harvest Vegetables & Fruits

Beautiful Harvest Vegetables & Fruits for Sunday Dinner. I need to create some tasty dishes with that beautiful pumpkin. Sometimes they are just to pretty to cut into, so I enjoy them in my little harvest ~ autumnal settings.

Do you like the cozy feeling of the pantry print I have in my kitchen?  If you do you can find it here: